5 Reasons why you should not buy Tata Sky Transfer!

Yes you read it right!! While entire India is going gaga over Tata Sky+’s new feature of Transfer, I’m going to give you five valid and distinguishable reasons why not to buy it!

Read these only if paying Rs 9300 for recording stuff and watching it on the go isn’t a bomb for you!

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, let me first share what Tata Sky+ Transfer is all about:

About the innovative product:


It is an additional set top box of Tata Sky which encrypts your recorded tv series / movies/ matches and the same can then be transferred to any device you hold containing Tata Sky app through your home wifi network. There is no cost to transfer the encrypted videos from the set top box to your laptop / tablets / smart phones. Once transferred, the app decrypts it and you can watch your recorded stuff seamlessly, anywhere on the go! So Record, Transfer, Carry!

Other features

  1. Record Series – Record all episodes of your favorite serial
  2. Karaoke – Bond with family and friends watching bollywood song videos, lyrics cues and singing on the ’Score’ mode
  3. Record on the go – You can start recording from any of the devices via internet by using the app – you need not be home to record something.
  4. Rewind, Forward, Pause – Create your own rewinds, forward the ads, pause to let it sink!


So here we go…

  1. Commuting to and fro will now become more entertaining – No more extended sleeping

Who’d like to sleep when you can catch up on your favourite TV shows, matches, movies! Killing that 3-4 hours of commuting time has never been so easy – That too while learning new things!

Learn even when you travel!
Learn even when you travel!
  1. Your spouse will no longer be able to dominate the remote – for the remote is dead!

Tata Sky Transfer makes remote obsolete, since now you can watch what you want, where you want it, when you want it – Let your spouse grab the remote and sit in front of the TV, you watch stuff on your laptop/tablet/mobile!


  1. You will have nothing important to do when your mother in law calls – As you can record and carry it later

Yes, you’ll have to figure out a new way to get out of that, watching very important news no longer is a valid reason!


  1. You’ll no longer be able to say to your friends you’re too busy to watch something

Now you can have the cake and eat it too – at your pace, at your own convenience! Isko laga daala, to life aur bhi jinga lala!

Watch it with friends!!
Watch it with friends!!
  1. You’ll have something which Sharmaji doesn’t have – boast about it!

Play this trump and score against Sharmaji, for what neighbours say and perceive about you matter.


I attended the launch of Tata Sky Transfer at St Regis, Palladium and here are some pics.


Illuminati enacting the Game of Thrones scene of Joffrey ordering to kill Ned Stark!
Illuminati group enacting the Game of Thrones scene of Joffrey ordering to kill Ned Stark!

You can find more information here.


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