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My attempt at writing poems, might not be rhyming though.

What if?

is going to be your day.
You’ve worked hard for it
and shall get rewarded for the same.
passes slowly.
The wait begins messing
with your mind – What if it doesn’t happen?
that’s all you’ve got.
As you refresh the screen
and wait for your results to come in
You type in your id
and click enter – praying.
You have never been so vulnerable to ‘loading’.
scream with expectations.
You enter into a different zone
and the result flashes – you’ve failed.
your eyes wet unknowingly.
Before you even notice the haziness
Tears run down your cheeks as you try to focus.
how could this ever happen?
You refresh the screen – check for errors
As heartbeats slow down, the feeling sinks in.
are at an all time low.
And you attract similar ones
from the universe – you hit the ghetto.
was going to be your day.
You had worked hard for it
Why have you landed here then?
is still your day;
as any other day.
Own up your failure.
is a part of life.
Essential to build ourselves.
Make it a stepping stone to your success.
we fall down in life.
Not to get ridiculed – but
to pick something more valuable.
this as an opportunity.
Opportunity to rebuild;
to look at things from a different perspective.
is your day.
You still are awesome
and no one but you can take that away.

A Race to Negative Infinity

For hours and hours
Thou swipe and chat
Liking statuses; Staying awake
All night like a bat

Thou beseech virtual credibility;
Comment on your fere’s updates
With real life then
Why canst thou durst fate?

Thou believe in idea of happiness
For it has been sold hard
And seek it betwixt buying things
But things hath no skies starred

Thou work for coloured paper
Ignoring real perks
And spend the paper hither tither
Faking happiness like jerks

And thus a race hath begun –
Towards infinity;
Bequeathed by the internet.
Have ye forgotten this race is into negativity?

Thou art available for everyone
But thy time isn’t scalable
Ever tried calling yourself?
Thou shall find yourself unavailable

See what thou hath wrought upon
Into a virtual world, thou have sunk deep
Thou art your own doppelgänger online
In reality thou art asleep

Jostle thine soul
I trow it’s still within
Seek yourself in naught
And thou shall find everything

Smell of the Mountain

It’s an hour to midnight

The gong strikes and cuckoo sings

He is typing vehemently on his laptop

When a message pings


His friend is back from a trek

And awaits below the building

To return the backpack and bottle

He runs down the wing


An hour of discussion

He gets the fill of the adventure

His eyes rove as his friend enacts

The key things right from departure.


He returns back to his laptop

And glances at the work pending

I need some coffee, he figures

To help with the work unending


He goes to the kitchen

And takes the bottle inside

Only to open it

And be taken on a joyride


For the bottle emits

The smell of the mountain

Fresh. Nostalgic. Petrichor.

He whiffs again to ascertain.


Indeed the bottle smells

Of stories of adventures

Of sweat and success

Of off the road ventures


His mind nerves recreate

The feeling of being on a trek

He is standing on the mountain

With hard sun behind his neck


The view gets his guard down

For nothing but humility can throng

He relives the magnitude of nature

And the feeling of being strong.


He has smelled the mountain now

There is no more holding back

He needs to pack his backpack

And set off on a new track.


He sips the hot coffee

Browsing for upcoming treks

For The Mountains Are Calling

And He Should Go!!!

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An Instant 2 Minute Poem – You!

This poem is written in response to the 81st IndiSpire prompt: Write a 2minute poem! Yeah Heard right! An INSTANT 2-minute poem,a simple,sweet,nicely rhyming poem,playing with words,not hard but easy,funny and cool,a relief to your mind,not to grind,but to find,a solace and some peace #My2MinutePoem


Here comes a poem which is a rap

Listening to it will make your legs tap

So lets hear it for your power within

And let this saga begin!


You are fire, you are the sun

Let all doubts within you burn!!

You are beautiful, you are sexy,

You are amazing, you are flexi!!


You are the cause, you are the result

You are the catalyst, go ahead and exult!

You are bigger than your circumstance

So stop thinking, go for it and advance!!

Fighting Myself

I’ve been acting my entire life

I no further know who I actually am


I’ve masked myself for way too long

I no further remember how I really look


My choices are flavoured

My likes are coloured


I am this person on a high

Drugged by unnecessary things


I try to hide, mix in the crowd

Pretending to be what I’m not


I don’t know if I’ll be happier

By acknowledging who I am


I’ve been acting my entire life

I don’t want to know who I actually am

Thinking Pencils


Ganesha wanted to start writing in his book new,

So he created pencils few.

Of different colours they were – but of same potential,

Happy with his creation, he went to nap, for resting was essential.


An impromptu conversation started among the pencils,

Discussing their dreams and required skills.

Known to all individually, yet unknown collectively,

They started judging and discounting each other’s aspirations…


“I want to write the first alphabet of a child”, said one.

Another said, “I want to sketch the world, that would be fun!”

“I want to write my own autobiography, like people have done”

“I want to write something historic, to be forgotten by none!…”


Each one had given meaning to their existence,

Unknown to destiny, they thought they’ll get what they want through persistence,

But life isn’t fair and can’t be missed,

Coz its beautiful and filled with bliss…


Ganesha awoke and chatter came to an end,

He had heard their conversations and decided it was time for rules to be bent,

He decided to reveal the purpose of their existence,

Smiling, he thought about the positive consequence…


“Your life will be miserable if you don’t get what you decided,

You’ll not enjoy what you’re doing, nor be at peace with what others are getting to do…

Jealousy will grip you as you grow shorter…

You’ll loose your sharpness out of fatigue and get hotter (temperament)”


“Realise you limit yourself when you decide what you want to do,

Leave that thought and you will create endless possibilities new.

Life then would be a choice of various opportunities…

Stay sharp and do your work with integrity…”


“For your life is what it has to be as per the bigger picture…”



The Green Car

I ordered a car new,

Model was different, owned by few.

Its finish was bold,

Looking at it, you’ll get clean bowled!


Colour I chose was yellow,

Yellow is Coldplay, Yellow is Me!

Yellow is Sunshine, Yellow isn’t green…

I never chose Yellow because it was Yellow


Days went by as I imagined driving my pride,

To all friends I look good to, I thought of giving a ride.

Life was waiting, happiness was in future;

In its anticipation, present went by…


Finally the day came when I went to pick up the car,

It was in the showroom, tucked inside far

Covered in cloth, like a bad boy waiting to be unleashed.

Down came the ribbon and the cloth fell down with ease.


To my shock I stared and stared,

For the colour was green, not yellow

I didn’t order this, I said repeatedly in my mind

Empowered with thoughts, I went to argue with the vendor!


While I shouted and was furious; he maintained his calm,

I handed over the keys in my palm.

He had the audacity to say the model & colour was as per my specification,

Annoyed and hysterical, I checked my application.


‘It says yellow, see’ I shouted aloud checking the application,

He patiently took me to the car,

And asked a couple of salesmen to identify its colour

‘Yellow’ they said unanimously, without any quiver.


They all were trying to prove me wrong,

One thing I hated strong.

Beaten but not lost, I continued to argue,

For the payment was yet due


I checked again; the car was still green,

That put me in retrospection

I was still wearing those blue shades, I remembered

I removed them, and voila, the car was yellow!!! 🙂


The car represents people in our life

Green is how we see them

Yellow is how they actually are

So when are you dropping your glasses?

The Other Candy

Life is like a candy in hand,
You get to choose which one you want
Its hard to decide given the array of options
You look at your friends choosing their candies

You want to choose something unique
Definitely better than your friends
And go for the one that looks the most attractive
Though the reference of attractive comes from your past

This is the way it always happens
You choose from things you know you know or you know you don’t know
Ignoring candies you don’t know that you don’t know anything about
So not all candies stand an equal chance to be chosen

You choose one on what options match your reference of attractive
Hoping it will taste awesome
As you walk out of the shop, friends praise you for your choice
And you look around to see what they chose

Creating a problem where none actually exists
You’ve decided this candy might not be the one
Not all attractive things taste good, you say to yourself
Forgetting totally to actually taste the candy and verify it!!

Your friend comes out of the shop with the prettiest candy you’ve ever seen
You feel jealous and curse your luck for choosing your candy
And decide to henceforth select the candy your friend chose
Forgetting to enjoy the candy in your hand!!

As you finally open the wrapper to taste the candy,
Preconceived thoughts about its taste mess your mind
Now the actual taste doesn’t matter for you already have decided how bad it tastes
You end up blaming the candy for what its actually not!

Enter the irony of life – Your friend is sad as he feels your candy tastes better
But can’t say the same, the same way you won’t compliment him for his choice
Both suffer for wanting something not in their control
Completely forgetting they chose what they hold in hand!

Why do you do this you think to yourself
Doesn’t being miserable make you suffer?
But it has a payoff too, you justify – others empathise for you
But wont being happy give a better payoff?

Remember you chose the candy you are holding in hand
You chose it because you chose it, that’s it!
No other stories around it
Now, relish what you chose without any notions…

The Right vs The Easy

Have you come across a point

Where right and easy crossed roads

And you traded off the right for the easy


As you look back in the past

You regret taking the path often trod

When you traded off the right for the easy


You tried to let it go but couldn’t

And now you stand at cross roads again

Will you still trade off the right for the easy?


Today’s the day to make the right choice

Take the path which is right

Don’t trade the right for the easy

Song of Stars and Mountains – A day at Kashmir Great Lakes trek


Where eyes opened at dawn with the whistle of the trek leader,
We got out of our tents with toothbrushes and toilet papers…
Attending nature’s call in the midst of cold meadows was a dreaded task,
Its something about which to trekkers you never ask!

Once done with morning routine; we had breakfast and tea,
Waiting for the sunrays to bring warmth in bounty…
Sunscreen on our face made us look like ghosts,
We didn’t curse the sun; for without it we would have frost!

Sunrays bring warmth after a cold night
Trekkers preparing themselves for the day ahead
Trekkers preparing themselves for the day ahead

Sunrays made way through the surrounding ice clad mountains,

The blue lake mirrored the golden peaks’ reflection…
Overjoyed with happiness, hundreds of sheep ran in glowing sunlight
Casting shadows on the lush green meadows, we saw dreams catch flight!

Vishnusar lake mirrors the golden glow of first sunrays on mountain peaks
Vishnusar lake mirrors the golden glow of first sunrays on mountain peaks
Casting shadows - Sheep playing around in sunlight
Casting shadows – Sheep playing around in sunlight
Emerald blue water at Kishansar Lake
Emerald blue water at Kishansar Lake

Tents were packed, along with food for noon
Things were mount on horses, they were a boon
Holding our backpacks, we began the day’s trek,
For any traces of litter we double checked!!!

Horses carrying the camping tents, cooking equipments at Nichnai Pass
Horses carrying the camping tents, cooking equipments at Nichnai Pass

Trekking pole on a hand, DSLR on another we walked uphill,
Passing by rivulets where melted water was filled…
Ring clouds engulfed mountain peaks,
Glaciers burst to make way for river streams!

Clouds on our top, flowers by our side, and miles to be lost, to ultimately find ourselves!
Clouds on our top, flowers by our side, and miles to be lost, to ultimately find ourselves!
Clouds covering mountain peaks
Clouds covering mountain peaks

Hours passed as we walked on terrain unexplored,
Meadows, snow, rocks, flowers; we couldn’t ask for more
Descent was nothing but the beginning of ascent we learnt,
Enchanted, we kept walking to see the next lake discerned!!!

Where goats pose for you when you take a break!
Where goats pose for you when you take a break!
Descending towards lunch point
Descending towards lunch point

There were moments when we felt we couldn’t make it,
Nature at its glory tired body would refrain to take in…
Fight between body and mind was always at its peak,
But odds of body winning over mind always were bleak!!!

Me after climbing Nichnai Pass. VIshnusar and Kishansar twin lakes in the background
Me after climbing Nichnai Pass. Vishnusar and Kishansar twin lakes in the background
The long descent - Towards Nandkul and Gangbal lakes
The long descent – Towards Nandkul and Gangbal lakes

We reached at a point just 20 km from the Line of Control,
And jumped with joy as we put down the trekking pole,
For it was time to unfurl the Tricolour of ours…
With Patriotism we sung our Jawaans’ glory for hours…

Jai Hind!
Jai Hind!

As we hopped and played at lunch point we arrived,
Resting our bare feet in water, by the river we dined…
Sound of water cutting through rocks brought in peace,
It reiterated struggle was essential, be it business or service!

Thousands I saw at a glance!
Thousands I saw at a glance!
Time had come to halt that moment, it was filled with calmness and happiness
Time had come to halt that moment, it was filled with calmness and happiness

Suddenly, wild horses from far off mountains ran down,
Enthralled, we looked at each other like clowns
And grabbed our cameras as they playfully bathed in the river…
And caressed each other with love infinite as we quivered!

Fellow trekker enjoying view of wild horses passing by
Fellow trekker enjoying view of wild horses passing by
Horses playfully enter into water
Horses playfully enter into water

As they twisted their necks and soaked in sun,
Competing with each other, we saw them run…
It were moments like these we got captivated,
Unspoken love of animals got us motivated!

On their way back!
On their way back!

We walked post lunch at reduced pace,
For campsite wouldn’t be far, though there wasn’t a trace 😛
Singing songs or playing some game as clouds passed by
Landscapes changed, but friends stayed by…

Identifying shapes of clouds was a favourite pass time
Identifying shapes of clouds was a favourite pass time
At one of the Satsar Lakes
At one of the Satsar Lakes
Our own private swimming pool!
Our own private swimming pool!

Finally we were near enough to see the campsite along the lake,
The view tempted us to take a break
Never had near been this far in life…
For to reach it, there was another descent

As we sat there observing the highest peak in the town,
Rivulets formed from melting snow slithered their way down
And joined the sapphire blue water reflecting thousand suns,
Beholding its beauty made all our pains shun!

Harmukh peak in glory with Nandkul lake at its feet
Harmukh peak in glory with Nandkul lake at its feet

As we walked down a sound reached our ears,
Amazed, we looked around to face our fears…
It was a Giant Indian Marmot so shy,
It fled soon as we passed by.

Cute Marmot

The campsite view was beyond words,
The smell of pakode and soup struck a chord…
Undeterred by the ice cold water we took a dip in the lake,
It was more difficult than taking a leap of faith!

Nandkul Campsite
Nandkul Campsite
The feeling of chilling water hitting your face!!
The feeling of chilling water hitting your face!!
Engravings on rocks in lake
Engravings on rocks in lake
Nandkul lake
Nandkul lake

As we gathered to play the gentlemen’s game,
Bangalore team hoped to earn fame…
But ROI (Rest of India) team were destined to win the game,
As history repeated itself, Bangalore team lost with shame.

Cricket pitch with a view!
Cricket pitch with a view!

Clouds outburst as we ran for cover,

Chances of a rematch were over…
All wet; we assembled in the kitchen tent,
For what to do next was all set…

Playing cards as we popped on fries
Playing cards as we popped on fries

Playing mafia was a favourite pass time,
Mafias sweared on the country, for it was worth every dime
Villagers got out and mafias won;

And Doctors saved themselves for fun!

As the sun set; the sky dawned a star studded black gown,
And beguiled us with her beauty in which we drowned…
For dinner we ate to our heart’s content,
To summarise it, it was a day well spent!

Sunset at Nandkul lake
Sunset at Nandkul lake
Calendar Khaana lao!! :P
Calendar Khaana lao!! 😛

Washing plates in chilling water was an arduous task,
Later, we gathered in tents after filling hot water in flasks;
The night had just begun as we played game of tens…
Happy and content we felt like kings in our dens!!!

Warmth on hands, friends singing soulful songs, could it Be any better? :P
Warmth on hands, friends singing soulful songs, could it Be any better? 😛

As the moonless night advanced we dared to venture in the dark,
Watching a million stars shine just for us as we left our pug marks…
Nocturnal music entertained us as we shared life stories,
Then all got to sleep while I read Tuesdays with Morrie!

Counting Stars - Milky way as seen from Shekdur Campsite
Counting Stars – Milky way as seen from Shekdur Campsite

When eyes could no longer stay open, I went to sleep
Wondering how many mysteries could nature keep!
Tomorrow would be another date with heaven on earth…
Electrified, I laughed with mirth!!

Photo Courtesy – Abhinav, Chery, Sidd, Udit, Abhineet and myself 🙂