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Book Review – SIX DEGREES: Game of Blogs by

Hi Friends,
Imagine you are the creator of a small world having five people on it. They have pre-defined characteristics. How their story proceeds ahead is upto you. i.e their lives are in your hands! If you are getting the feeling of becoming George R R Martin and killing the characters one by one, then so be it! This is your world and your story!! Powerful right? Now imagine deciding the fate of five characters in this world along with a team of people. There are infinite possibilities as to how the story can go. A small twist here and a little digression there can lead to a totally different ending.
Think about the following characters:
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Shekhar Dutta – a stay at home dad who happens to be a freelance writer in Mumbai
Tara Dutta – is Shekhar’s wife who is a media professional
Roohi is their 9 years old daughter

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Jennifer Joseph is a photographer from Kochi and
Cyrus Daruwala – a law student staying in Delhi.
Now imagine an empty paper in front of you and begin writing your story. I bet you must have already made some assumptions about the characters.Well, that bias comes from our own personal experience and is bound to happen.
Happy Family
If you like photography, you will be drawn to Jenny’s character and eventually end up liking her. If you believe in the concept of marriage and family, you’ll make the family the best family ever! If you like writing, you’ll portray Shekhar in good light! You might also detail the characters on the basis of their surnames and caste assumptions – Cyrus will be a sweet Parsi then!
Now imagine reading three different stories using the same five characters written by different teams, having a totally different set up and a different ending! Mind boggling right?!! How can the same pre-defined character be so different in each story. That’s the magic of perception. For everyone of us, what we believe in is our reality; however, as a matter of fact, it is only our perception. There is no reality!!
Confused? Let me tell you about the book I’m reviewing today – It’s called Six Degrees – Game of Blogs.
Six Degrees by BlogAdda is not just a book, but a piece of publishing history. It is the product of the first collaborative blogging effort in India. It is the first time when around 300 different people working as 30 different teams have woven completely different stories with the same set of characters created by BlogAdda. It is a part of #CelebrateBlogging initiative of BlogAdda.
30 teams of 10 bloggers each began creating their story about these five characters. The stories were shared online on their blogs each day. The team members had to co-ordinate the order and structure of the story, and craft a masterpiece in a seamless manner while infusing it with their own style and way of writing. Challenging, right?
These 30 stories, in turn, were filtered by a panel of 6 Judges namely, Ashwin Sanghi, Kiran Manral, Meghna Pant, Natasha Badhwar, Raksha Bharadia and Ravi Subramanian. They selected 3 stories from them which culminated into what I’m holding in my hand – Six Degrees.
Of the three stories presented, I loved the third story, Missing – A journey within the most. It left me on an emotional note with a thought to ponder over.
Why the naame Six Degree, you’d wonder; well the answer lies in the book and I’d recommend each one of you to find out your own reality by reading it!!
Buy the book, pull an all-nighter, make coffee (hot chocolate is better), get comfy in the corner of a room within your blanket and begin reading!!


You can buy the book on Amazon, Flipkart and GoodReads, I’ve mentioned the links below in the description. Hope you have an awesome time reading this creative piece.

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