In the Moment!


Memories of our childhood bring joy on our face,

I was riding my bicycle with pace…

Then came an apocalypse where nothing mattered

I was free, I raised my hands; above all chatter!

Childhood memory of driving through Mumbai streets hands free!
Childhood memory of driving through Mumbai streets hands free!

Today was an amazing day! I came back home from work. Put aside everything, cleaned my bicycle and got it repaired.  It had been ages since I rode it.

My bicycle has been my companion from secondary high school to IPCC classes, so almost about 8 years, with gradually bigger models. I get enchanted by the mere thought of cycling as it has formed an integral part of my life. I used to cycle to school, college tuitions, IPCC classes, run errands for home, go to a friend’s place with it. Basically, everywhere I went locally, I used cycle for commuting.

During school days, what I loved doing the most was cycling fast down a slope and the moment the slope would end, leave my hands off the handle and raise them in the air – like the world is mine and I’m the world! That feeling was a feeling of possibility. In that moment, I could be anything I wanted to be.

When I joined classes for CA Final, I had to start going by rick as the classes were far away and from there I had to run for my internship using public transport. So the cycle always lay chained to the window grill. Often, as weekends passed, I would promise myself – I’ll start cycling regularly. However, it never happened. Many a times, out of moments of absolute resolve like the one I had today, I would get clean it and get it repaired, but end up not using it for a ride.

Off late I’ve been making efforts to ride it atleast twice a week. Today was one such night. I rode it to catch up with a couple of friends passing through floodlit streets (thanks to Ganeshotsav festival in Mumbai – Ganapati Bappa Morya) listening to my favourite music – Coldplay hits, Arijit Singh hits and other soft songs.

Then came a point where I felt like trying leaving my hands off the handle. The first thought which hit me was – ‘ Are you mad!? You havent done it since six years, you cannot do it. You dont have it in you anymore’ I also believed it and continued to drive normally. Then I realised things like these hold me back for years. If I already know something, it’ll be there with me, I cannot forget a skill. And the only downside was falling down on the ground – there was no-one on the streets late night and it was completely safe.

So began a quest to relive my childhood memory. The next song which started was Arijit Singh’s ‘Saawali Si Raat’ (from the movie Barfi) and it totally gripped me. I got my body in sync with the cycle movements, consciously left my hands, but kept them just one inch above the handle, close enough to take control if anything untoward happened. I managed. The song reiterated the environment around – dark night, quiet roads, and me talking to my inner – self! I kept retrying it and managed to get a grip of it. Yay, I still had it in me!! The moment that thought occured, it empowered me as I left my hands and extended them in the air, hugging the winds and being one with the environment. In that moment, there was no past or future, no good or bad, no right or wrong; just me being one with the universe! I felt complete, yet infinite…I felt alive…


4 thoughts on “In the Moment!”

  1. Happy to see u happy @raj.. U hv indeed actually gone to d crux of our issues.. D fear of not trying smthin thinking dat we don’t hv it in us.. While d reality is dat its always just a call away…we need only ask… Great writing 🙂 keep it up!


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