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A Catalyst called Muse

What is a MUSE?

Conventional Definition

The common use of the word muse is for a beautiful lady being an inspiration to an artist. Picturise Katrina Kaif being an inspiration to Aditya Roy Kapoor in upcoming bollywood movie Fitoor.

Expansion of the definition

I believe, muse can be anything which keeps the fire within you burning to keep going. It can be a person – love for someone – a destination – a dream – a material thing – a hobby – a belief in something – making money – causing an impact. You should have a fitoor (when something overwhelms your mind to the point of insanity) for your muse – to such an extend that it drives you and the world crazy and magic happens!

Why is a MUSE required?

Humans are not rational beings, they are normal – they are driven by emotions, meanings and stories along with logical thinking. (One of the reasons why we are having volatile stock market behaviour since last two weeks – panic followed by behavioural decisions :P).

We live in the future we create, not in the past. For example, consider you’re going on a picnic tomorrow. You’ll be so full of energy today, you’ll pack all your stuff, help your family members with routine chores, do your allotted work as quickly as possible, think about how you’ll spend your picnic day and get up the next day even before the alarm rings! Practically, you are already on a picnic right from the moment you decide to go on the picnic; the enthusiasm overtakes the day and it goes smoothly thinking about the upcoming picnic. At the same time, once you are in the picnic and it is about to end, you are filled with thoughts of pending work, getting back to normal life on the next day – the thought of getting up to work the next day doesn’t excite you much making you want to extend your picnic:P. Thus, you live in the future you create; if the future is meaningful and filled with things you want, it’ll drive you towards it with full speed! So all you’ve got to do is give your future a meaning you want.

Now, consider us millennials – we do things only if we find them adding meaning to us and the society – we question everything around us, for example – we don’t understand the point of working just to make money – our work should add value. We are very keen and in constant enquiry to find the meaning of our life! Once we find this meaning, we are set towards a journey of self transformation! A MUSE is your meaning/purpose for your life!! It is the future you created and are excited about!


If you only do what you can do, you’ll never be more than what you are!  – Kung Fu Panda 3

Muse empowers you beyond imagination; it connects you to your inner potential of unlimited possibilities. It pushes you to the extremes and you do things you outrightly thought as not possible! During this journey, you’ll transform yourself completely.

Lets take Baahubali – The Beginning movie as an example. Shiva, the son of Baahubali got raised in a small village on the banks of a huge waterfall and he always wondered what was up there. Shiva grew up to be a well-built young man aspiring to climb the mountain and made many unsuccessful attempts at it much against his mother’s wishes. One day he stumbled upon a mask of a girl which fell down from the mountain – that acted as a catalyst. Driven to find out the identity of the girl, he climbed the mountain again and succeeded this time. He faced the same hardships as before, but it was the thought of finding out about his muse which kept him going – he overcame all obstacles and made it to the top! The song Khoya Hai depicts this journey in an awe inspiring way. Have a look –

Now imagine if Shiva didn’t find the mask. He would have kept on making repeated attempts at climbing the mountain but never would have succeeded since there was nothing driving him towards it. And there wouldn’t have been a movie on Baahubali! 😛 Shiva was able to climb to the top because of his passion, love, commitment and dedication to the unknown girl behind the mask. It was his obsessive passion for the girl which made him climb the mountain – a feat never done before! The craziness of climbing a mountain was a cakewalk for him whereas the same thing would have been fatal for others. And after climbing the mountain he met with his destiny! (We’ll come to know about it in the movie Baahubali – The End)

Have a muse – it can be anything you are extremely passionate about and committed to. It might be poison to others, but should be honey to you. You’ll meet your destiny in the journey!


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