Key Takeaways from Day 3 at Social Media Week, Mumbai

About Social Media Week

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Social Media Week, Mumbai – Day 3 at Todi Mills Social

Day 3 focused on social media for start ups and entrepreneurs.



Image Credit: SMW Mumbai
  • IBM’s Global Entrepreneur Program provides technology, business mentoring and go to market support to various startups.
  • Cognitive computing as a tool – Chatbots and other programs work on a similar mechanism, which begins with understanding spoken language, generating hypothesis, suggesting a solution and ability to self learn
  • IBM’s Cognitive Machine – Watson – has 10-12 various functions it can perform ranging from language, speech, image to data insights
  • Using cognitive machine, one can understand the profile, mood, tone and motive of the consumers
  • This technology can also be used for recruitments to figure out personality of the person



Samit Arora, Co-founder – Sales Panda
  • Digital Marketing is one of the cheapest tools available for start-ups
  • Art of using digital marketing is like making a perfect cocktail – you need to try things out, burn some money, before you figure out what works best for your brand
  • By 2025 internet will become like electricity and 1080p HD videos will be consumed on smartphones – video content is need for the day
  • Work on your on page SEO (good content, testimonials) and off page SEO (recommendations, getting vouched by experts)
  • Some free tools which can be used – Google Analytics, Buffer, Hootsuite, Website grader, Adwords
  • Adopt a Keyword strategy – pick up some keywords – all your blogposts should connect with those keywords – they should be in sync
  • Check where the customer gets engaged – is the reaching the website (if not, check uptime), is he bouncing off from landing page (work on your engagement, create a better visual or story), is website responsive to mobiles?
  • Tools for running an email campaign – Upwork, MailChimp, Rapportive
  • Process for Digital Marketing:
  • Assess -> Strategize -> Plan -> Implement -> Optimise



The WHY of Personal Branding: People buy from people. It is next that people buy something else you put forward

  • By speaking about yourself in 5 minutes interaction, you open a possibility to stay connected and be open to further discussions. At that time you can talk about your products/ service, not before that
  • Your presence comes first before the efficiency / performance of your product / service

The HOW of Personal Branding: Be purposeful, programmed, serious.

  • Your online recognition on various social media platforms should be in sync with each other
  • Social media platforms are for giving, not for selling. So be aware you need to give, a lot, before anything comes back to you
  • Markets are in conversations – if people speak, there’s a market. Similarly, if there’s a market, people will speak

The WHAT of Personal Branding: Follow 1:9:90 rule of online marketing. 90% consume content, 9% curate it, 1% creates it. Be a part of 1%.

  • Begin Working out loud – share your work even before its complete and invite feedbacks and collaborations to make it even better
  • Be authentic rather than transparent – share only if it’s relevant to your audience

The WHO of Personal Branding: Richer conversations happen only with fewer people. Find out the following people (follow order of subsets) and engage in conversation with them:

  • Domain Experts
    • People who you know
      • People who share
        • People who respond

The NOW of Personal Branding: There’s no better time to begin than NOW!




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