I Quit

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Latika invites both of them home and they sit together to catch up on the four years they lost. Arpit apologises to her for his misunderstanding. Latika replies, ‘I’m not angry on you, things ended abruptly and you were bound to have a different perspective. I never felt I would be the reason for both of you to be estranged. I apologise for that.’

Arpit clicks a picture of Abhi and Latika and puts it on the gang’s whatsapp group! It is a blockbuster hit!! He adds Abhinav back to the whatsapp group. Madhu and Swami have reached their respective homes and Niket is on his way to Rajkot from Ahmedabad. They can’t believe the gang is having three love stories going on at the same time! Madhu is happy for them all, he is also hopeful for himself. He knows his path is difficult, but he is ready to fight it out; he decides to seek the gang’s support when they meet in Rajkot.

Arpit and Abhinav tell how did the miracle happen to Latika – she was unaware of their Kashmir trip and is glad it happened. After all, the trip gifted Abhinav back to her, forever. It was like a dream come true. Amidst all the talks, Latika realises she is starving. ‘Aren’t you guys hungry? Let’s order something.’ Arpit gets excited and mentions they should order dominoes’ pizzas – Abhinav’s favourite. The party continues as they binge on pizzas and coke. Arpit sees a glow on Latika’s face, like she has got her world back. Abhinav cannot keep his eyes off her.

It’s 10 PM. Latika’s roomie comes back from her work. She is happy to meet Abhinav and Arpit; but doesn’t have any clue about Latika’s personal life before she came to Pune. Arpit decides to catch the overnight bus to Mumbai – he has some decisions to make back home before he attends Niket’s engagement ceremony in Rajkot. Latika cannot wait to meet Ruhi, who has got a phenomenal change in Arpit!

Abhinav and Latika decide to fly to Jaipur the next day to meet Abhi’s parents and later take a three hour drive to Beawar from Jaipur to meet Latika’s parents. Everything is happening in such a swift manner! They drop Arpit at the bus depot and head back home to catch up with each other. Abhinav prepares to sleep on the couch while Latika sleeps in the bedroom with her roomie.

Tuesday, August 18 2015

The overnight bus drops Arpit at Dadar station in Mumbai at 5.30 AM in the morning. Arpit catches a cab to Borivali and reaches by 6.30 AM. He rushes to get dressed for work. Today is an important day for him – he no longer needs the navigation to show him the way to BKC – he knows the route.

As he touches office sharp at 9.00 AM, he heads to the cafeteria to make himself a large cup of Espresso. He opens his laptop and lets his outlook pull a week’s backlog of mails. As he sips through his coffee, he clicks on compose mail and begins typing a letter to his boss.

Dear Sir,

There often comes a time in one’s life when one knows something isn’t working fine. After trying to search for the unworkability in various fields in my life, I realised it’s internal. I’ve learned to settle for things rather than struggle for what I really want. And the end result is catastrophic, which reflects in my attitude, behaviour, work as well as work-life balance.

After completing Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, I realised I need not be an also ran in someone else’s race when I can be the winner in a race where I compete against myself. I’ve finally grown the balls to take this risk, go ahead and explore various opportunities in the field I like the most – advertising.

I understand I’ll have to start from scratch; I do not have a base in that field, my finance background won’t be put to much use. However, how can past constrain my future decisions? I have decided to be open to challenges and opportunities in the field I love.

Call me daring or stupid, I haven’t yet figured out who will give me a job in that sector, but I’m positive I’ll figure it out. Please treat this as my formal resignation letter and consider today as the beginning of my notice period. I hereby thank you for the opportunities presented to me in the organisation.

Yours sincerely,


He re-reads the mail as he takes another sip of the espresso and marks the mail to his boss and Human Resource manager. He completes his coffee and clicks on send mail and begins his work like any other normal day. It is 9.30 AM and other colleagues start reporting on their cubicles.

Arpit looks at them and realises how he never belonged to this culture or domain. He is happy with his decision. It high time he starts being vulnerable – whatever be the outcome.

He calls up his home and talks to his parents after a long time – as he listens to his dad’s coarse voice, he realises this is the first time he is actually listening to what he wants to say rather than what he is saying. He shares the news about finding Ruhi and quitting his job. They find it way too hard to digest both pieces of information together. However, his dad is positive and says everything will be fine with time!

His mom is not comfortable with Ruhi being from other caste as well as Arpit quitting his high profile job to start afresh in an altogether new sector. She is baffled and feels the trek has messed up with his logic. Arpit laughs out and mentions that the trek has opened him to various opportunities in life! Also, he shares with her how Ruhi helped him get over four years of loneliness and anxiety and patch up with Abhinav. Ruhi somehow starts sounding as a magic weaver. His mom asks him to bring her home soon. She is happy Arpit has finally found someone who makes him smile; that was her biggest concern.

Arpit’s boss reaches office and calls him downstairs outside the office premises for a walk. He is shocked by the mail Arpit has written in the morning. He never expected him to put his papers so early. ‘I have great plans for you, stay back and we’ll make you an amazing personality to reckon with in the organisation.’ He pulls out his cigarette and takes a puff. ‘Thank you Sir! But I have some plans for myself that I want to execute. They may not be that great, but at least they’re plans to reach where I want to.’


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