Abhinav talks to his boss

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As they drive together towards Beawar, Abhinav and Latika discuss possibilities of settling together in various cities – Mumbai, Pune, Berlin and Jaipur. They both have the requried job profile to be hired at any of the leading companies in their field of work in any of these cities. In the end it depends on what they want.

‘I’m not at all keen on settling abroad, far away from our parents. It doesn’t make sense for the long term – we’ll end up spending all our savings flying to and fro India and then feel guilty about not being there for parents when they need us the most.’ Latika analyses.

‘I don’t think I’ll get the kind of opportunities in Berlin in any city other than Mumbai. Let’s search for jobs in Mumbai and settle there. Arpit is anyways there to support us.’ Abhinav replies back.

‘But what if things don’t work out? What if you don’t get a job profile you love? Will you go back to Berlin?’ A fear grips Latika’s face. ‘No, I have left you once and know the suffering it brings along. I’m not leaving you out of my sight henceforth. If nothing works out, we’ll settle in Jaipur and start something on our own.There are a lot of opportunities here also – we’ll just have to be more patient.’ Abhinav decides to talk to his boss as soon as Berlin office hours begin at 9.30 AM ( 2 PM IST).

They reach the outskirts of Beawar at 2 PM and are thirty minutes away from Latika’s home. Abhinav halts the car and calls his boss explaining the situation and asking him if there are any openings in the Mumbai office. ‘There are no openings at Mumbai presently. However, we are considering beginning a consultancy arm in Jaipur. Will you be interested in heading it?’ Abhinav realises the power of thoughts – the universe had conspired to sort complex matters and ensure he got what he wants! ‘Fantastico! That’s the best thing I can hope for! Thanks boss!’ ‘I’ll see you on Monday and check up things happening on the Jaipur front till then.’

Abhinav is now totally prepared to meet Latika’s parents; he knows where they’ll be settling and they would love to have Latika in Jaipur rather than any other distant city or country.

As he parks the car on the lane outside, Latika rushes in to give her parents a surprise! Both are pleasantly shocked to see her on a working day, that too in a saree. Abhinav enters the hall. ‘Mom and dad, meet Abhinav. You already know him – he is the one I was dating in the last semester of engineering in Mumbai. We have buried our differences and decided to get back together. With your blessings, we’d like to marry each other.’

Latika’s dad is a fifty six year old retired government employee having bifocal spectacles hanging from his neck with the help of a black thread. He picks them up and places them on his nose, right above a huge mole to have a clear look at Abhinav. Abhinav cannot help but stare at the strange mole. Mr. Kanwar adjusts the spectacles to have a clearer look at him.

‘So finally your wait got results Lata,’ he sweetly addresses Latika. ‘You dear gentleman, what guarantee do I have that you won’t run away again? Are you committed to spend your life with Lata?’ he asks unflinchingly to Abhinav. ‘Yes sir! Your daughter has trapped me and I do not see any way out until death do us apart. Rest assured we’ll stay happy together.’ Abhinav’s befitting reply appeases him, ‘Come, join me. Sit on the sofa.’

Abhinav takes a deep breath and sits down for an interview. Latika had never mentioned there would be a formal round of interview for his new job profile 😛 Nevertheless, he was confident he will crack it. He sits across Mr. Kanwar, batting various balls coming across the pitch, he begins to manage to saving his wicket and slowly starts drawing singles. As the questions advance to future plans with respect to where they will settle, how they will manage their home, etc he shoots sixes and makes a commendable score!

Latika and her mom bring tea and some snacks as the match ends. Abhinav has won the match fair and square!  They receive blessings from Latika’s parents. Lata’s mom is glad Abhinav finally turned up; she was worried Latika will never marry.

Latika’s parents agree to have a small ceremony in Jaipur on the next day and plan and have an engagement on a suitable day later based on a good mahurath.

With their blessings, Abhinav heads home for his god dhana ceremony scheduled the next day. He gives Latika a flying kiss as she stands on the terrace waving him goodbye. There are a lot of things to be done for her official ceremony the next day and Niket’s engagement the day later – the first thing being buying new outfits!

As she walks down the stairs to her parents, she realises she has to search for a job in Jaipur or start something on her own.


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