Dinner, Drinks and Dance

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As the night advances, trekkers begin assembling in the dining hall of Hotel Retreat. RJ Tarun is in charge of the music while Karthik has agreed to co host the party along with Shobana. Pawan and Abhinav have placed an order for food based on veg and non veg preferences of trekkers. Sandesh and Raunak are on their way from the local liquor shop with cans of beers.

Ruhi, Kanishka and Divyah enter the dining hall after getting ready. ‘You look more beautiful with your hair shampooed,’ jokes Niket pointing at Kanishka and there is an uproar of laughter! Arpit cannot keep his eyes off Ruhi. She is looking dazzling in a red tank top and faded blue jeans. Her small hanging earrings probably shopped at local store outside give her face an earthly touch and make her even more desirable. His heart beats fast as she approaches him with a huge smile on her face – he recalls the childhood game of hot and cold, where they hid an object and other team had to figure out where is it hidden based on hot and cold directions. Ruhi was approaching towards him and he felt like shouting out loud – hot; she was walking in the right direction towards his heart.

A warm exchange of greetings and they stare at each other as if they are complete strangers; Divyah comes to rescue Ruhi – they walk ahead to meet others. Ruhi cannot help but observe Arpit from the corner of her eyes. Arpit shamelessly stares at her with a huge smile of contentment.

Within an hour of the appointed time, everybody has reached the hall and are dancing to RJ-turned-DJ Tarun’s beats. Prachi is high and is rocking the dance floor with her purple plazo and high heels. Rajiv is trying to match her but is falling behind; he is amused and happy about the fact that she is his princess forever!

Music changes from english hits to bollywood mashups – Arpit dances joyously on the song ‘tune maari entriyaan to dil me baji ghantiyaan’. As he grooves to the loud music his hand invariably goes up and his finger points towards Ruhi. He is proud of her and doesn’t shy away from showing the same! Ruhi cannot help but feel embarrassed yet happy as Arpit continues to dance on the song pointing towards her. She joins him along to avoid further glances. As she holds his hands, a spark passes through her entire body, she feels crazy and lovable at the same time.

As the night progresses, the songs keep getting simpler or meaningless – no lyrics but great beats. Honey Singh madness grips the dance floor as Raunak, Karan and Arjun dance on ‘abhi to party shuru hui hai.’

Delhi guys have taken up the baton to gulp down maximum number of beers. Pawan and Kanishka lead the team. Divyah happily follows them and coerces Ruhi to have some. Kanishka changes the track and dances on everyone’s favourite song – Baby Doll!

As the party keeps getting hotter, trekkers keep joining the dance floor to shake a leg. Sandesh is the only one adamant to not do so as he has to click pics. He is able to see what happened the last time he had tried dancing at a party and gulps down his fear hiding behind his lenses.


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