Arpit asks Ruhi out

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Arjun and Nisha perform some Paso Doble dance steps on the number ‘sexy lady’ which they had learnt on their fourth anniversary to Tungi, Lonavala. The choreographer at Club Mahindra fun zone had ensured they learn the basics of the style and take the steps with them forever. There are loud cheers from the crowd – they never expected the quiet couple to be so savvy about learning new dance styles.

With more couples taking on the dance floor, the hard music turns romantic as they await their food. Sahil and Stuti join them as Katrina sings ‘teri ore’ for Akshay Kumar. Stuti twirls holding on to Sahil’s hand – not able to take her eyes off his face – it seems much more lively and energetic. Sahil holds Stuti tightly near him, there is no way he is ever going to let this amazing woman walk away from him. He realises how he had lost touch with Stuti over last six months and their marriage had almost come to a dead end; this trek helped them communicate to each other better and rekindle their fire for each other. Those early morning exercises, taking care of each other’s diet plans and joint evening jogs were all helpful.

Divyah finally musters strength to do something she wanted to do right at day one. Taking a deep breath she thinks over the impact – both possibilities. The nay doesn’t matter much as they’ll not be meeting again but the yes seems so exciting. Realising there is practically no downside, she approaches Tarun for a dance. He happily obliges as a friend. Divyah loves his straight forwardness and is glad she at least asked. She doesn’t like to keep things in her mind. As she rests her head on his chest, she hears his heartbeats and feels the tension in her body easing. This is definitely the best moment of the trek for her and she can now move ahead.

Sara and Chris pay a surprise visit – they’ve brought along the person who is hosting them at his home. They join in the fun. Madhu is standing aside as he observes the happy couples romance. He wonders if he ever will be able to do that in his lifetime – he imagines how much strength it will require to hold his love’s hands in public. His thoughts are interrupted as Abhinav hugs him tightly from behind. It comforts him – there is some hope. Abhinav knows what Madhu is going through, but cannot help unless Madhu asks for it.

The food is ushered in and everyone sits down on the huge table to have dinner together. Chris proposes a toast to the beauty of Kashmir and everyone’s well being. As everyone digs into hot butter naans and tasty paneer vegetables, they recollect their experience of eating Wazwan on their first day in Srinagar.

Arpit is sitting next to Ruhi; they continue to play hide and seek as they steal glances at each other for any damn reason – be it passing the vegetable or sipping a glass of water. Arpit musters strength and goes ahead with what he has decided. ‘Will you like to come out for a walk once we are done with dinner?’ A low but firm ‘Yes’ follows.


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