Cake cutting at 11,200 feet!

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The gang quickly changes their wet clothes to avoid getting sick and join others in the dining tent. Sandesh washes his face in the cold water as the sun sets in the backdrop.

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Pic by Sidd Sinroy

It has been a long day for Arpit, but he has a glow on his face, like that of college days. As they all assemble together, Vivian officially declares them to be conquerors of Great Lakes Trek! He has got trek completion certificates for everyone! There’s a loud noise of spoons banging plates and cups to begin the celebration!

Let the celebrations begin!

The certificates are distributed by lovebirds Prachi and Rajiv on public demand. As various names are called for, the tent goes wild with hoots and claps. It is a celebration of their willingness to push their body and train their mind to stay focused on making it till the end of the trek.

Vivian then announces special categories of certificates to be distributed. The Green Trail certificate is awarded to Nikita for collecting maximum scrap on their way throughout the week and helping to keep the trail green. The inspiring trekker certificate is awarded to Chris and Sara for making a difference by sharing their travel stories. The enthusiastic trekker certificate is awarded to Tarun and Karthik for having fantastico attitude and happy-go-lucky nature. Vivian also appreciates Niket’s journey on the trek and the way he has grown from Day 1 to Day 6.

The kitchen staff enter the tent for the first time together with a surprise cooker cake! This was sheer luxury. Sandesh expresses gratitude to them on behalf of the entire team. He also thanks Vivian and Dashodh for making this trip so awesome! Screams of ‘Shaabash, Shabaash, aage badhte raho. Rukna nahi hai’ echo in the tent as Dashodh waves towards everyone.

Pics by Sidd Sinroy

The cake is cut and dinner is served along with dessert! As they sit together to have dinner for the last time, they bestow various awards on each other based on public opinion. Kanishka gets the best dressed trekker award. Sandhesh, Ruhi, Abhinav get the official photographers award. Arpit and Ruhi get possible couple award (Niket coins it). Ravi gets the most silent trekker award. Pawan, Madhu and Karan get the energetic front runners award. Dr. Sudip, Shobana, Sahil, Stuti, Nisha and Arjun get first time trekker award.

Kanishka gets hold of Niket for mocking her for the best dressed award. As they sit together discussing various other things, she asks him the story of the final addition to the gang – Swami. Niket laughs as he tries to figure out from where should he begin the story.


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