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Madhu and Chris leave the tent. Arpit gets into the tent and closes the curtain behind. Madhu prays things get sorted as he waits along with Niket and Swami for them to come outside after redressing their grievances.

Abhinav is surprised – Arpit startles him with a Hi. Is he daydreaming or is Arpit actually talking to him? ‘Hi’ he replies back. Silence blossoms in the tent. As they continue staring at each other, Arpit tries to come up with some words, but is unable to say anything.

Abhinav sees his failed attempts in talking and gives him a warm hug – tears start flowing from Arpit’s eyes, he attempts to stifle his sobs, but is overcome by the wave of emotions and breaks down completely; all his defence is washed over in those salty tears. Delighted by the impact of his loss of words, Arpit hugs him back tightly.

It is far more awkward than Abhi could have ever imagined, but he loves the feeling nonetheless. He has finally got back his best friend and all the pain over four years was worth it. As Arpit continues crying the sweetest tears he’s ever known, he finds words to talk, ‘How have you been? I’ve missed you the most in these four years. Sorry for being such a jerk! Please forgive me. Promise me you won’t ever leave me again, come what may.’ Abhinav has tears in his eyes, he replies back, ‘I’m always there with you whenever you need me!’

Arpit wonders how could he ever doubt Abhinav. He was loving and unselfish all along. Abhinav feels their reunion like his homecoming – he has returned back to his gang after a four year exile! There is happiness in his eyes.


Arpit opens the tent and asks other three of them to join in. They look confused but hopeful. He asks for their forgiveness and declares things are back to normal between him and Abhi. Frenzy and euphoria hit the tent as everyone hugs each other. Arpit thanks Madhu for inviting Abhi to the trek and Niket for helping him sort things out. The gang is back together. Swami is going to have  a hard time from today, he had got used to not being ragged by Abhi and Arpit together! But he is waiting for that to happen since long!!


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