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The kitchen staff serves hot upma to everyone and opens the jute bags to check the stock of vegetables remaining to plan for dinner. Horses are eating a mixture of jaggery and chickpeas which is given to them every morning and evening. For the rest of the day, they eat grass.

Taking stock of vegetables left

Rajiv is busy in his tent, unpacking his backpack. He calls Tarun and Karthik to help him with it. Karan has been given the responsibility to not let Prachi inside the tent. Prachi is occupied with other girls, discussing the day over upma. Kanishka comes back to the campsite; she has shampooed her hair as usual and it shines in the evening rays. Her face is glowing from the satisfaction of having washed her hair – she doesn’t like bad hair days.

Sahil and Stuti go for a small walk around the campsite. They are given strict instructions by Vivian to stay within 2 kilometres of the campsite – the Army men have permission to shoot at sight in case they feel anything is not fitting together.  As they walk through the huge meadows, Stuti opens her heart and praises Sahil; she had never seen this side of him and is starting to fall in love with the new Sahil.

Sara and Chris are discussing the schedule ahead with brother sister duo Siddharth and Nikita, both pairs helping each other for trek documentation. Exchanging notes make Siddharth realise how each person gets different things from the same trek – all due to different perspectives. And what one experiences, becomes one’s reality – a thought strikes Siddharth – there is nothing called as reality, only perspectives.

Arpit is in his tent, resting for some time. His head is filled with thoughts of Ruhi. He got to know a lot about her as he helped her walk along today. All amount of efforts to divert from that topic were going in vain. A thought crosses his mind – have I started having feelings for her? I cannot let that happen to me again, I am happy and do not want to get into all this.

Remaining trekkers decide to play mafia – Raunak takes the lead as God, unchallenged by any. After already teaching them basic characters, he introduces two new characters today – the doctor and the vigilante, having exactly opposite roles. Things become interesting with additional rules and further confusion. Pawan is the vigilante and he kills Sandesh right in the beginning. Niket’s peppy talks help him to convince the villagers that he is also a villager; he fools them and mafias win the first game!

Abhinav excuses himself after some games to talk to Arpit; he has to ask him one thing. As he enters Arpit’s tent, Arpit asks him to go away. ‘When are you going to accept that you have feelings for Ruhi?’ ‘How dare you even talk about love and feelings? Don’t you remember what you did four years ago – You went behind my back, betrayed me and started dating Latika.’

‘Latika didn’t leave you because she liked me; she left because she couldn’t see a future with you.’ Thud! As these sharp words hit Arpit he couldn’t help but raise his hand to land a powerful punch on Abhi’s face. Abhinav stood there in peace, as if he was expecting this; he could easily fight back Arpit but he didn’t feel it necessary. Arpit was already fighting  himself; Abhi felt bad for him. He knew Arpit is still a little child in the inside – naive, innocent and blessed with one of the purest of hearts.


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