Our private pool by the mountains

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As the song comes to an end, the trekkers make huge noise around the couple! Amidst the clutter all she can see is Rajiv bending down on his knees with a marriage proposal. She had never thought he would do something so romantic and that too on a trek! Sweet tears of joy fall down her rosy cheeks as she tries to think things through; she still isn’t able to believe Rajiv just proposed her!

She says a yes and he puts a diamond ring on her finger – they’re now officially engaged! Rajiv lifts her up and and she sees the various mountains which stand present to their love and happiness! The light blue lake becomes her favourite lake on the trek – it has given her what she wanted the most – togetherness with Rajiv.

The proposal has a huge impact on everyone’s enthusiasm and happiness! Her tent roomies Sara and Shobana are in tears, looking at how happy Prachi is. Music is played and everyone joins in the celebrations. It quickly turns out to be a party by the lake!! Sandesh is busy capturing important moments of Prachi and Rajiv!

Rajiv shows Prachi a video recorded by him before they came to the trek – it has their parents, cousins and friends expressing their delight about the proposal! It makes her realise how much he loves her – to include everyone who matter to her. Now that her parents and friends are happy with the proposal, she smiles with relief in the warmth of the golden sun rays; they feel like kisses from the divine!!

Arpit is extremely happy for them; he catches Ruhi looking towards him and turns around in fright. He is still not ready to get present to his feelings for her. Abhinav is standing aside, observing both of them. Niket loves the idea of dancing and asks Arpit to help him learn basic steps for the engagement proposal. Arpit is awed by the impact of Rajiv’s proposal; it has motivated Niket to dance! Also, it has brought all trekkers together and they are all now part of a family!

On Vivian’s request they finally proceed ahead towards the campsite which is an hour away. On their way they pass through the second lake which has a dark blue shade, engulfed by the shadow of a huge cloud passing by!


Swami removes a book from his backpack as everyone sits down to observe the lake. He looks at the deep blue waters and rocky mountain to compose a poem –

I know a mountain thrilling to the stars;
Made of boulders, its height has no bars!
Shadows move across it, cast by Clouds hovering slow;
In the dreamy lake at its feet, it reflection glows!
My lake adorns my mountain – god bless;
For it mirrors its purity in its stillness!
How I know coz I’ve sat at her feet from dawn to night;
Watching her serene water blush to blue with light!

The third lake is the smallest of all, but most beautiful. It is protected by a boundary of rock formations all around it. Sandesh and Pawan decide to venture into the cold water, given their pact of swimming in at least one lake. As they enter the lake, they shout the moment the cold water makes contact with their skin. As time passes, they get used to it and the afternoon sunlight helps too.


They reach the campsite which is by a small rivulet. It is the most scenic campsite till date. They’ve seen four lakes out of the seven lakes of Satsar on their way. Two are at the top of another mountain. Some decide to trek there while others decide to rest at the campsite. The last and biggest lake would be seen by them on their way to Gangabal on the next day. Rajiv and Prachi sit by a nearby lake holding hands as they watch the sun set. It has been an amazing day for them.


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