7 things to do when you loose your passport in Dubai

Can you imagine the impact of loosing your passport on a solo trip to a new country – a nightmare, right? You cannot travel back to your country unless you get an emergency passport issued by your embassy. Kerul Shah lost his passport in Dubai on his maiden solo trip there; he lists down important things to be done –

1. Do Not Panic – Be Calm

The most important thing to be done is to stay calm, accept what has happened so that you can move ahead to get it resolved. Browse through information available on the web and note down the procedure to get an emergency passport issued.

Kerul: After searching for my passport all around on Friday, I realised I had lost it. I took it as a new adventure rather than pain – You have the power to choose the way in which things impact you. I was cool, didn’t let the loss impact me or let emotions drag me down. It was just one more job to be accomplished in my stay in Dubai. All legal departments are closed on Friday. So I travelled in local metro and did some sight seeing.

2. Register an FIR with Dubai Police

In order to register an FIR, you need a letter from DNATA, Airport stating you have lost your passport; the letter will be in Arabic. After collecting the letter from Airport, submit it along with two photographs and one photocopy of lost passport to Police to register an FIR (You can do it at any police station). Dubai Police will issue a form to be attested by Public Prosecution Office (PPO), Dubai Court and Immigration Office.

3. Attestation from PPO and Dubai Court

Head to Out Metha Metro Station. PPO is a five minute walk from there. Get the form attested in PPO. It’ll take an hour or two. Post that, head to Dubai Court which is the adjacent building and get the form attested there too. It’ll take similar amount of time. The timing is 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM.

4. Attestation from Immigration Office

Head to Jaffiliya Metro Station and reach Immigration Office. Buy a bank challan of AED 120 to be pasted and stamped on the form. (You need to come back to Immigration Office once emergency exit passport is issued.) Once attestation is completed, head back to the police station. The timing is 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM.

5. Letter to Consulate

Police will issue a letter to be submitted to Consulate for application of emergency passport. Applications for emergency passports for tourists are to be submitted at BLS Services, an agency of Indian Consulate. Once the application is submitted, all you’ve got to do is wait for a response. You need to be patient as it takes time (days / weeks), unless you know the right people.

6. Do not Inform your Spouse before finishing above steps

If you love your spouse / parents / kids, do not inform about the loss of passport until all the above procedure is over, so that they do not get worried unnecessarily.

Kerul: I was fortunate enough to get my emergency passport before my scheduled departure. I had decided to tell this tale to my spouse and kids only after I touch Mumbai. I didn’t want them to be worried over a week about me.

7. Make arrangements for your extended stay

You might have to cancel or reschedule flight tickets and make arrangements for your stay. If you have come on a business trip, you can meet more prospective clients and stay busy doing something rather than sitting idle worrying about your passport. Also, make a list of friends / relatives who have settled in Dubai and pay them a visit. You’ll save yourself a lot of anxiety and have some exciting things to tell on your way back home!

Kerul: My cousin checked me out of the hotel the day I lost my passport and ensured I was comfortable at his home. It helped a lot, emotionally and I am grateful to him for this. I completed the work for which I had planned my trip and also visited local places in free time.

8. Get an Outpass

Once emergency passport is received from Indian Consulate, show the same at Immigration Office and get an Outpass issued. You’ll have to pay AED 200 for that. Fly back home safely – The Airport charges AED 350. Bon Voyage.

Kerul: Applying for an emergency passport was an amazing journey. I kept my calm and worked on getting things done rather than cursing my fate. I came to know all the roadways and routes of the metro, made new friends and didn’t let the loss of passport impact my attitude or work. Most importantly, I did it all alone, without disturbing my family in India!

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