The One Where Time Stood Still

This post is a part of 24-day Marathon fiction called Yaariyan.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

By 11.30 AM, the weather started changing. Everyone looked out of their tents, observing the dark clouds start moving away. Slowly, sun rays breached through them and provided their warmth on the campsite. The clouds had come far down, forming a ring around the mountain peaks. Fog had covered the surrounding view, making it difficult to see anything other than the campsite. As they waited for the rain to stop, one could hear loud voices from various tents – trying to figure out if everyone was safe. Only one tent remained quiet as hell.

Arpit looked towards the sky, waiting impatiently for the command from their trek leader to get out of their tents. He felt trapped in the tent with Abhinav; Abhi on the other hand realised the amount of discomfort Arpit felt just by being alone with him. He wondered if things would change ever. He wanted to grab Arpit’s shoulders and wake him up to present – he still cared for him and was his best friend. Nothing had changed. But Arpit wasn’t ready to listen; he got a vague sense of satisfaction in acting like a looser.

Finally, the wait ended and sky cleared. Everyone jumped out of their tents and proceeded towards the dining tent; starved. Food was ready and piping hot, a luxury in such conditions. Arpit tried to open the curtain in hurry; but the zip kept getting stuck due to loose threads around. Another impatient try and the zip broke. Abhinav helped him open the curtain; Arpit got out of the tent as quickly as he could; it was as if the tent was haunted by the past he had long tried to bury.

Niket asked Arpit if he was alright, he was starting to get normal now. Ruhi realised there is some tension between Arpit and Abhinav. Madhu asked Abhinav whether they were able to talk. Abhinav replied in negative. After lunch, they decided to rest for a while and later trek to the twin lake Kishansar.

The view out of their dining tent was spell binding. Everything had changed again! As the fog cleared, they could see the mountains had got a fresh coating of snow on them and the air had become chilly.

Kishansar lake was almost the same size and colour as Vishansar lake. Sid and Nikita were documenting each and everything they could jot down, including the altitude and number of steps they had walked everyday. They clicked a lot of photographs – for the first time, the entire team was together at one place. Sandesh was busy clicking pics from various angles, suggesting various poses to them.

Stuti sat on the corner of the lake watching Sahil play cricket with other guys. She opened her diary and made an entry –

‘Kashmir. Dramatic. Grand. Serene. Fantastico. The place where time stands still. John Ruskin must have visited Kashmir to come up with this quote –

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather


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