The one where Niket walks fast

This post is a part of 24-day Marathon fiction called Yaariyan.

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After bidding goodbye to the twin lakes, they proceeded to descend the Gadsar Pass towards Gadsar Lake. The descent was steep and the sun was right above them. Niket was walking at good pace, often taking time to enjoy the view and have some fun. As they began to descend, he fell down as he failed to find grip in the snow. He laughed with others as he again got up to walk down. He again fell down on the same spot, it was hillarious. ‘Nature is playing a joke on me. I wonder how many times will it make me do it.’ He fell down for the third time stating this causing an uproar of laughter among trekkers!

Vivian came to help him – he also ended up falling at the same spot! Niket decided to slide his way down that patch of the mountain, wetting his pants on the way due to snow. The mountain slide had amazing view and followed the navigation given by the trek leader! Everyone crossed the tricky patch and descended down the mountain over an hour.

They walk through the carpet of flowers, Niket is walking much ahead of others. Chris and Sara let him walk ahead to make him feel proud about himself and his journey from being last in the trek on Day 1 to being in the forefront! They pause nearby a water source to eat their packed lunch.

As half of the team arrives, Niket suggests they wait for the other half for lunch and till then play UNO. Everyone rolls in and the game begins – there are some arguments with regards to the rules – Vivian sorts them out. As they finish two rounds of the game, other trekkers arrive and they sit together for lunch. Vivian is amazed by the occurrence – he has never seen this happen previously in any of the treks he has led. He gives credit to Niket for ensuring the entire team of 27 trekkers have lunch together, irrespective of their walking pace.

Resting for some time after lunch
Resting for some time after lunch

Swami is amazed by Niket’s transformation and his stand for people who walked at a slow pace. He sings a song while everyone enjoys lunch – it’s turning out to be a live concert. He hums Aao milo chalo from Jab we met, Shan being one of his favourite singers and then sings a Dil ko tumse pyaar hua from Rehna hai tere dil me. Shobana joins him to perform a duet on Phir le aaya dil from Barfi. Everyone decides to play antakshari on the remaining way to Gadsar Lake after being inspired by Swami and Shobana.

They all reach Gadsar Lake. Together. It is the first batch in the history of Indiahikes to do the same. Dashodh is extremely happy with the group’s achievement! Gadsar Lake is one of the biggest lakes on the trek and has greenish blue water. It is also called the fish lake. Snow keeps melting from the glacier in the mountain beside the lake, supplying the lake with fresh water. It is extremely quiet – there is not a sound – not even of winds.


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