Arpit talks to the Mountain

This post is a part of 24-day Marathon fiction called Yaariyan.

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Arjun and Nisha are awed by the beauty of Gadsar Lake. They are reminded of their honeymoon in Kashmir when they stumbled upon a scenic lake deep inside some village near Jammu. They had spent the evening beside the lake observing the sky change colours as the sun set. Nostalgia hit them with that thought!

Stuti is falling back in love with Sahil, she wasn’t very sure of being able to complete the trek – given their laziness and inability to mix with people. However, she had been proved wrong by Sahil. He had easily gelled with others and made their trek more enjoyable.

Prachi looks at the huge mountain in awe, she asks Rajiv to promise him that he’ll love her as much as the mountain loves, protects and nurtures the lake at its foothill. Rajiv swears by the Old Gods and the New Ones about it!

The love between the mountain and the lake is pristine and unconditional. Ruhi wonders if someone will love her in this manner ever. She turns her face to observe Arpit who is sitting on a huge boulder near the lake – she likes him but he is trying to stay away from her, or as a matter of fact, from all the girls on the trek. She decides to help him resolve the matter by the end of the trek.

Arpit observes the huge glaciers on the snow clad rock and a vertical crack on the rock which feeds the lake – one drop at a time. Everyone proceeds ahead towards the army campsite. Arpit asks Madhu to give him some time alone, he’ll join them soon. So, there is only the mountain and him. He stares into nothingness, trying to catch some movement, somewhere. But everything is calm. Suddenly, a glacier atop the mountain bursts creating a thunder!


It hits Arpit’s quiet world with a bang; everything feels disrupted and unclear. A waterfall begins from the place the glacier has burst to join the lake. Arpit wonders, ‘Where am I? What is the purpose of my life? Why am I always unhappy? Why am I so confused?’

Suddenly, a cranky old voice calls out his name. He is shocked beyond belief – The snow-clad mountain is talking to him! The cracks on the mountain begin to move as it speaks. ‘Hi, Mr. Mountain. Ssup?’ ‘Arpit, I don’t prefer small talk. Lets get straight to the point – stop worrying about things not in your control. Start acting on those which are in your hands’ ‘It’s very easy to say that Mr. Mountain but difficult to follow.’ ‘Look at me my dear friend. I stand erect since hundred years, braving earthquakes, facing the scorching heat as I give shade to the meadows. I cut myself and let my cracks fill the lake at my foot – nurturing it with freshwater. I brave the cold winds and protect the lake from it.’

‘I live beyond myself – I live for others. That’s what gives me immense joy and purpose. Live for a greater cause my friend; look beyond the mess and you’ll find an answer. There is no hope without fear, no life without actions; choose your sun and choose your lake – decide to nurture it, irrespective of whatever it takes.’

Arpit woke up from the nap and looked around. The mountain again had become still. His conversation with the mountain, though in his dreams had left a huge impact on him. He began walking towards the army camp, thinking about what the mountain had said.


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