Arpit gets a date

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It had been one week since the seventh semester had begun. Latika had joined the class in the fourth year as she had shifted to Mumbai with her parents. She was regular in attending class for the entire week; many other boys attended the class to observe her. She wasn’t much comfortable with other girls and used to sit alone even after a week; avoiding boys’ company as well. She was confident and carried herself well – she looked more beautiful as days passed by.

Arpit was observing her, waiting to make his move. Swami kept him updated about whom did she sit with during the lectures and who else were the interested parties. She came to play carrom during the break. Niket was at his place, waiting for some competition. At Arpit’s request, he got up and allowed him to play against Latika.

Latika was quick in her action as well as with her words. She got three whites in the first strike itself – Arpit mistook it to be fluke. She kept attacking the queen from the start, often badgering Arpit by disrupting his arrangements for cover. She played offensive rather than defensive – but Arpit was calm and composed irrespective of her actions. As their hands played against each other, their eyes played for each other. Between a series of flirty sentences exchanged by them, Latika got the queen and won!

Arpit was dumbfounded as he witnessed the winning shot. It was now time for Niket to enter the battle ground and save the reputation of the college – it was time for him to show his four years of efforts in learning the art of the game. She began the game and again removed three whites with precision. Niket couldn’t help but exclaim, ‘Fantastico!’ Her moves were no match to master Niket’s, but Niket enjoyed the match with her. He asked her to join them in the canteen for snacks.

Arpit was happy by the fact Latika had agreed to join them for snacks, but he felt he should have been the one who asked her. As they ordered a plethora of college canteen’s best dishes, Latika feasted along with them, tasting each dish that came along. She had a huge appetite for a girl!

She thanked them for a wonderful match and snacks and proceeded to leave the campus. Arpit followed behind her, trying to think what was he going to tell her. After some mock discussions in his mind, he caught up with Latika and asked her for her number. ‘I thought you’d come up with something better. You can ask me out directly!’ she said plainly, as if it was a normal thing to do.

Every sentence she said made him love her more, ‘Yes I’m asking you out for a date. Would you be interested in that?’ ‘Yes! Why not? Lets go for a movie’ ‘Fantastico! Would you be free tomorrow evening?’ ‘I’m free right now. What’s with everyone using spanish lingo here?’ ‘It’s our college thing! You’ll get used to it. Then lets go for a movie right now.’

Arpit couldn’t believe he got himself a date, that too so fast! All other guys would be jealous of him once they came to know about this! They went to watch the afternoon show of I Hate Luv Storys and later chatted for a while in a local coffee shop. Latika liked Arpit’s personality and self confidence.


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