Abhinav’s Dilemma

This post is a part of 24-day Marathon fiction called Yaariyan.

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Friday, December 31, 2010

Arpit re-enters the club, alone. His face is pale; his eyes are filled with anxiety. Before anyone can confront him, he sits on the stool and orders a shot of vodka on the rocks. Abhinav realises it’s not just about the break up; there’s something more to it. He walks out of the club to confront Latika.

She is leaning on a car on the street, face turned away from the club entrance – sobbing in a quiet but fierce manner. Abhi tries to comfort her. She hugs him as she clears her throat. She begins to speak in a low pitch but with clarity, ‘I broke-up with Arpit. I have realised I have feelings for you. I know you have feelings for me. I would like you to consider this possibility once all of this mess gets cleared up.’ Abhinav is stunned; those words which once would have given him happiness suddenly pull his world into a storm. He is brought back to the present by the loud countdown in the club to usher in the new year. Ten…Nine…Eight…Seven…Six…Five…Four…Three…Two…One…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

He couldn’t have thought new year’s eve would begin on such an emotionally stressed note. ‘Let’s get you home.’, he calls for a taxi. She gets into a cab and restrains Abhi from getting into it. ‘He needs you. I’ll reach on my own. Be with Arpit; he will hate me from today but it isn’t fair on my part to play with his emotions once I know the truth.’ The sound of ignition from the cab engine reverberated in the air as Abhinav stood behind, watching it make its way on the street and slowly disappear at the turning.

Abhinav thought of the various happy moments he had spent with Latika and his gang. She was confident, fun-loving and free spirited. Just like him. She was a part of every plan of theirs – be it night outs, movie marathons, long drives or late night dine outs. She never made others feel out of place or required any special treatments like a typical girlfriend.

Abhinav recollected the night before their project submission about two weeks ago. They had 6 hours to the morning and an entire project to be done. Everyone contributed towards it and went to bed by 3 AM; exhausted. Latika and Abhinav were the only ones awake to write down the project in the journal. She made them some black coffee as they began writing in the journal. Being a mundane activity, they were able to talk about various other things on the planet. Her voice was music to his ears. Her eyes glowed when she talked about travel; she loved the idea of it. Abhinav was always able to express his feelings to Latika in a way he wasn’t able to to others.

He realised it the moment she went to sleep at 4 AM; he had feelings for her.


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