Their first day of fourth year engineering term

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Monday, July 12, 2010

They were sitting on the last benches on the first day of their seventh semester, i.e. fourth year engineering. Arpit was busy solving a cube and Niket was timing it. Madhu was at his internship and was bunking college as usual. Swami was a very good friend now; but he still hadn’t warmed up to them enough to join them in the backseats. He was sitting right in the front bench, paying attention to the professor.

Abhinav was busy reading a novel under the bench – he loved John Grisham’s description of court scenes – he had the power to recreate the court in front of his readers. As a chalk landed on him, he realised the entire class was observing him. The professor had picked on him today, for a change. He said some swear words to Arpit and Niket who were busy enjoying the fun. Unable to answer the question, he was ridiculed and asked to sit down.

Ten minutes after that, she asked permission to come into the class. She had finally managed to reach the right class room after asking for navigation. She was messy – her hair was bound in a loose pony, which opened up as breeze passed by; covering her face with it. Her hand instantly went to arrange her hair away from her face – it had loads of funky bracelets and bangles on it. Finally, he saw her eyes – she was confident. Her lips were vibrant red in hue; she was wearing makeup. Her smile made him forget where he was sitting. Abhinav felt like he was drifting away in her thoughts.

She was wearing a printed green kurti and denim jeans paired with a small pink bag designed by Indian craftsmen, often called jhola. As she handed over the letter to the professor, he went through it and introduced her to the students, ‘Students, meet Latika Kanwar from Beawar, Rajasthan. She has shifted to Mumbai with her family and will be a part of our class for this academic year.’ The class reverberated with sounds of claps. She already had a fan following. After all it was an engineering class. Nothing less could have been expected.

She didn’t feel ashamed of the claps, she smiled and acknowledged them and gracefully sat in the one of the empty space in middle benches. Her grand entry destroyed the remote possibility of being friends with other girls in the class; they weren’t able to bear the interest she could spark in the class.

As she sat there listening to the professor, she opened her book to take notes. She tied her hair in a simple bun and inadvertently tucked her pen in it. As some strands flew in the wind; she playfully tucked each one of them behind her ears. Abhinav was caught there itself – he had fallen in love with her confidence and poise.

That’s when Arpit leaned over and whispered to him, ‘Look at her. I’m going to date her.’



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