Catching reflection of morning rays touching the peak

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By the time he reached the campsite, some of them had woken up. Abhinav, Chris, Sandesh, Karan joined Madhu to trek uphil to catch the reflection of morning rays touching snow-clad peaks. Rest weren’t interested – they were supposed to pass through the same route while going to Kishansar lake and figured they’ll see the lake at that time.

As they walked uphill, Madhu narrated his morning horror story; Abhi couldn’t help but continue laughing till his guts hurt him. Others tried to control their laughter until Abhi started laughing again and everyone joined in. It spread like an epidemic!

Sun was out and sky had started getting lighter in shades; but it was blocked by the huge mountain right behind their campsite – buying them sufficient time to make it to the lake. They could see Swami and Arpit trying to catch up with them – Madhu gestured them to come fast if they didn’t want to miss the first reflection.

They reached the lake on time – the sun was still blocked by the mountains. The lake had some bubbles forming on its surface in various parts due to fish underneath. Also, the winds thundered on the surface creating small ripples. The lake wasn’t still.

Arpit and Swami made it on time and then it happened – The mountain above the lake got illuminated in golden rays, one part at a time, until it shined in the morning light. It was electrifying. As the warmth of the rays touched their skin, they felt gratitude. The rays signified hope – hope that everything will be amazing, hope that they’ll complete the trek safely, hope that they’ll have a story worth telling at the end of their lives.

Reflection in Vishansar Lake

Inspired by the fantastico view, Swami quoted Robert Frost – ‘There is pleasure in the pathless woods… there is rapture in the lonely shore… there is society where none intrudes, by the high mountains and music in its roar; I love not man the less, but nature more’


Dark clouds appeared on the horizon in the spur of a moment and hid the sun behind their vast formations. Dark cloudy skies in the morning isn’t a good sign on a trek; everyone paced towards the campsite to try and get a hint from the trek leader of what was in store for the day.

They could see some discussion going on in the campsite, but couldn’t hear it due to the clouds which had started thundering now. Sandesh ran as fast as he could – he had to reach the tent before the downpour began to protect his DSLR. He had kept the bag in the tent itself. Karan took the DSLR from Sandesh and placed it safely inside his waterproof jacket. Swami panicked; praying it doesn’t rain.



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