Arpit recollects New Year’s Eve

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Friday, December 31, 2010

‘We need to break up.’ ‘What? What’s the matter with you? Are you insane?’ ‘If we don’t end it here, it will end sooner or later, eventually. Lets do what is inevitable right away.’ She said this with a straight face and started to walk away from him. The fact that there was loud music in the background and he was drunk didn’t help much. Arpit followed Latika as she walked out of the club. The silence that followed was killing him. The love of his life had just ditched him on New Year’s Eve.

‘Are you seeing someone else?’, Latika didn’t have to answer that to him, he must have doubted her, but she had been in a relationship with him in integrity. Realising his pain, she decided to say it out in clear words, ‘You’ve got way too possessive about me. I don’t like that. I don’t want you to change yourself, it’s not possible and not required. Also, I have realised I have feelings for Abhinav. And that isn’t the reason why I’m breaking up with you.’ It hit Arpit like a punch from a trained boxer.

Dumbfounded, he turned around and went back to party. After all, it was new year’s eve and he needed a drink to think things through.

Three Hours Ago

Arpit felt peppy about new year’s eve; they were going to party at Club Royalty. It was supposed to be the hottest party in town. This was the first time he was going to have a girlfriend to welcome the new year with. The best part about the entire thing was she had gelled well with his gang and everyone had accepted her – that mattered a lot to him.

The drinks were on Arpit tonight, thanks to a stupid pact they had made in first year of college – the person who gets a girlfriend first will treat everyone on new year’s eve. He had saved money for the party. Abhi was kind enough to get them into the guest list through jugaad. Everyone got ready in the best party wear they had. Arpit was wearing a club shirt from Zodiac gifted by Latika on his birthday. They picked up Latika on the way. She looked ravishing in the red one piece dress Arpit had gifted her last week; but she looked tired – as if she had done a lot of brainstorming at home.

As he sits inside the tent connecting the puzzles, he avoids looking at Abhinav.  He still isn’t able to come to terms with the fact that Abhinav could betray him. Unsaid words on the tip of the tongue take a back seat again as he stares into the darkness outside; or rather, inside him – since the New Year’s Eve of 2011.


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