Draw Four!

This post is a part of 24-day Marathon fiction called Yaariyan.

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Niket and Abhinav are greeted with claps as they reach the campsite. A wave of satisfaction and pride passes through Niket’s body. He feels nothing but gratitude for each and every person who was there with him, acknowledging his struggle and helping him through it. He realises it was more of a mental block than physical fitness. Today is one of the most important days of his life – he has conquered his fear.

Everyone discusses their experience of day one; excited about what lay ahead. Camping by the lakes is eagerly awaited. Dashodh gives a shout out to everyone as he comes out of the kitchen with a kettle filled with hot tomato soup – it is irresistible. As much as Arpit hates tomatoes, he loves every bit of the soup and takes a second helping to enjoy the soothing feeling it brings to his throat.

Ruhi, Arjun and Abhinav are comparing their pictures and seeking guidance from pro photographer Sandesh. Abhinav has composed his pictures in a great manner – but they have been overexposed; as he wasn’t able to make out the optimum white balance through his tinted sunglasses. Ruhi and Arjun have a long way to go ahead to master photography. They would be shooting star trails in the night on the day they had the opportunity of clear skies. Tonight was going to be clouded. Ruhi understands the required settings to click the milky way from Sandesh.

A curious sheep
A curious sheep

Soon, it becomes dark and everyone assimilates in the dining tent for dinner with their plates and spoons. They are treated to hot rajma along with chapati and dal-chawal. Delhi people fall in love with the cook that day; not able to stop praising him for rajma. Swami doesn’t like rajma and sticks to dal-chawal. Its his turn to wash the plate along with Abhi today.

After completing their dinner, everyone gets back to their tents. Tarun is hosting a live RJ night in his tent where he’ll be commenting and playing english songs from his cell based on dedications – a lot of trekkers flock his tent like a swarm of birds. His tent is occupied with seven people and three sit outside the tent to listen to him. The first dedication is from Siddharth to his sister Nikita – Titanium. Tarun’s voice is mysterious and sexy – it tickles Divyah’s imagination. The next song is from Sandesh dedicated to Pawan – Moves like jagger! Everyone gets out of the tent to groove on it. It is later followed by Lean On and couple of hits by Jason Derulo!

As half of their trek mates are attending the live RJ show in Tarun’s tent; the gang has assembled together to play a game of cards – ENO – as per the spelling on the duplicate card set! After multiple rounds of games, they finally decide to play the final one before going to bed. Swami draws flak for skipping Madhu’s turn; Niket is kind enough to put a reverse card and give Madhu a turn. That’s when Madhu plays draw two card! Swami, Arpit and Abhinav also put their own draw two’s in the pile. Niket has to pick 8 cards now! Soon, Madhu and Swami have completed their cards and won the game; Arpit, Abhinav and Niket are the only ones left. Arpit puts a reverse card and turns the circle so that he can skip Abhinav and later ask him to draw four! Unfortunately, Abhinav also puts in draw four card and Niket lifts another eight cards blurting out swear words. Later, he has all the trump cards possible, but he is the only participant left!

Everyone goes to sleep in their tents. Niket closes the zipper of his tent; determined to get up stronger tomorrow. No matter how bad the day he had, he always is able fall asleep to the music of his thoughts!



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