Will Abhinav consider his feelings?

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Abhinav is in a fix; it has been a month since he is trying to explain his side of the story to Arpit, but he is not able to catch hold of him. He values his friendship way too much to backstab him or even keep him away from reality. He still wants him to be happy.

Latika is still awaiting a reply from him – their discussion at the new year bash still gives him goosebumps. He realises he needs to stop worrying about what others think and slow down to ponder what does he want.

He closes his eyes, exhausted with the futile brain storming – he sees her eyes – so deep and full of life; her smile – so infectious, it can enchant anyone; her laughter – loud and unapologetic; her long hair – black and silky. It is true that he had feelings for her since the day she joined college – but he never accepted it – he always treated her as a friend; as Arpit liked her. Given the situation all of them are in now; he understands he has to make a decision – and that will decide his equation with Arpit and Latika.

After deliberating over the week, he finally calls up Latika, ‘Hey! How are you doing?’ ‘Not so good. My friend is avoiding me when I probably need him the most.’ she snapped. ‘Would you be interested in going out for coffee?’ he asked, weighing down each word in his mind for the umpteenth time – he didn’t want to sound opportunistic nor give her false hope. He hadn’t made his decision yet. ‘Yes, I am’ she replied. So they decided to catch up over coffee at 7 PM at Cafe Coffee Day near Matunga station.

Latika reaches the cafe on time – after fiddling over what to wear for half hour, she had chosen a black top and denims and coloured her lips pink. She is not the type of girl who gets into the dressing-up shit, but this was different. She is happy Abhinav had finally got present to his feelings for her. As she grabs a table waiting for Abhinav, she knows he’ll be half an hour late as usual.

She realises the extent to which she knows him and a thought crosses her mind – if we have to do this, we’ll have to restart, without any inhibitions from past – we’ll have to re-discover each other as partners rather than friends. Her wandering eyes keep looking on the street, trying to locate him.

The glass door opens and Abhinav walks in. He is wearing his favourite denim jeans with a round necked t shirt flaunting his love for the Big Bang Theory. He gives her a smile as he sits down, she smiles back. After placing the order they look at each other. Latika is waiting for him to speak; Abhi is contemplating what to say – he is reminded of how much he likes her as he watches her sip hot chocolate, leaving a moustache on her face. That and the soft music being played makes him fall for her, again.

‘I like you. I like you a lot! I’m not sure how things will go ahead but I want to give it a try.’ She is delighted to listen this. Her eyes spark with joy and they spend the rest of their first date discussing random stuff.


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