Meeting other Maniacs

This post is a part of 24-day Marathon fiction called Yaariyan.

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Everyone huddled up in a circle as requested by photographer Sandesh; girls were the first ones to move; they know after all – no one messes with a photographer!! He introduces himself as a landscape photographer and a tech guy working in Reuters, Bangalore. This is his fourth trek and he is going to conduct photography workshops for interested photographers during the trek. He asks others to start introducing themselves beginning from Bangalore guys followed by other cities.

Trekkers from Bangalore

Tarun, Karthik and Shobana are mechanical engineers working together at Bloomberg. Other than work, Tarun has a beautiful voice and is a radio jockey with Bangalore FM 94.30. Karthik loves fitness and is always looking for challenges, he decided to do this trek and asked his friends to join along. Shobana got carried away by the trek pictures and decided to take this challenge up. This is their first trek. Raunak is a geophysicist. He always wanted to explore uninhabited Kashmir and this trek gives him an opportunity to do so. Madhu introduces himself and his work in experiential learning.

Trekkers from Delhi

Ruhi and Divyah are school friends from Bhubaneshwar, Orissa presently settled in Delhi. It is their second trek. Ruhi has bought Canon 1200D to learn photography from Sandesh. Kanishka loves trekking and this is her third long trek. Pawan is an IIT D, IIM K guy – he loves travelling and that brings him here to his fourth trek; he is carrying a bat along so that they can play cricket on leisure day. He gets a huge applause for that noble deed!

Trekkers from Mumbai

Siddharth and Nikita are siblings. While Nikita is an engineer, Siddharth is a commerce guy in insurance sector. Ravi is Siddharth’s friend and he’s the one who introduced the siblings to trekking. All three of them are excited for their third trek. Prachi and Rajiv are good friends working together in a branding consultancy firm and this is their second trek. They have previously done Rupin Pass together. Arpit introduces himself.

Trekkers from Pune

Dr. Sudip is a cardiologist and has come along for his first trek with his brother-in-law Dr. Karan Rathod who has done Goechala trek in Sikkim previously. Mr and Mrs. Kamdar – Arjun and Nisha are engineers who work at same place and eventually get married – it is their first trek.

Sole Trekker from Ahmedabad

Niket introduces himself explicitly stating this is going to be his first and last trek! Everyone laughs, second timers know that ain’t going to be possible.

NRI trekker

Once all the Indian cities are done, Sandesh jovially asks the NRI to say. Abhinav laughs and introduces himself, his love for auto motives, biking, photography and travelling. He knows basic photography and uses Canon 70D.

Now that everyone had introduced themselves, Sandesh goes ahead and shares his trekking experience in India. His first trek was to Har-ki-dun with Pawan in Dec 2012. He then trekked alone to Chandratal Lake in 2013. In 2014, he met Ruhi, Divyah, Kanishka,Nikita, Siddharth and Ravi in Roopkund trek and that’s how they formed a group to trek together for the coming years! He concluded with his wish that others join the group for the coming years.

The cars arrive – they are 22 people and there are 3 cars which can fit 8 people normally barring the driver. After putting all backpacks on the carriers, they proceed towards TRC. 5 more people have to be accommodated in the cars! Arpit checks the navigation to TRC on his cell, due to habit.


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