On their way to Srinagar

This post is a part of 24-day Marathon fiction called Yaariyan.

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Niket is the first person to leave home. He is also the first person in the history of his family to ever go on a trek. His school friends and Siddhi had come home to bid him farewell. Some mock the fact that he’ll be walking 6-7 hours everyday just to have some basic quality food – is it a vacation or self-indictment? His mother is worried he will loose more weight. His elder sister and brother-in-law are happy he is trying something new.

As he boards the overnight bus from Rajkot to Ahmedabad, he cannot keep his eyes off Siddhi – he realises she wants to say something, but isn’t able to in front of friends and sister and brother-in-law. He has two options – wait till he comes back and propose formally or say what he feels right now; he goes with his gut feeling. Leaning out of the bus window, waving a goodbye to everyone, he shouts in his peppy tone, ‘Siddhi, I love you!’ Amidst the noises of bravo, oohhhh and awww, he can see her face turn pink with embarrassment and then red with love as she gives him a flying kiss! The road route to Ahmedabad and flight thereon to Delhi and later Srinagar is indeed going to be memorable – filled with her thoughts.

Abhinav and Madhu had booked flights to Delhi and from there they were in the same flight to Srinagar. Niket’s flight from Delhi to Srinagar was an hour earlier than theirs. Madhu booked an Ola to drop him at the Bengaluru airport which was an hour away from the city. He grabs a subway there and goes through check in formalities. It’s going to be an awesome trek; he declares.

Abhinav gets ready to leave home. His dad is coming to drop him – he has something to discuss on the way; Abhinav will come back home after the trek and after a week fly back to Berlin. As he takes blessings of everyone, his mom cannot stop crying, ‘Why can’t you just stay at home when you come here! You hardly come for some days and have so many plans during that!’ Abhi consoles her with a hug and a charming smile, the tears stop, ‘Go enjoy the trip. Take care of your health and come back in one piece – don’t break any bones!’ His mom never fails to deliver instructions – be it in any situation, he muses!

On the way to the airport, his dad asks if he is in any relationship in Berlin or he likes anyone to settle down with. On hearing a no for both answers, he further asks if he would consider meeting girls once he comes back to Jaipur. Abhinav didn’t have to think to answer that. He had already decided, ‘You go and meet the girl and family, if you feel she is ideal for me, I will marry her.’ These words comfort his dad and he takes his blessings before getting down at the airport.

Arpit catches a cab to the airport, he has a direct flight to Srinagar and is carrying stuff for himself and Swami – it is dark yet, sun has not risen. It starts drizzling – Mumbai looks the best in rains! He puts his hand out of the window to catch the droplets of water; this trip is important to him – he has taken time off to think on what he wants to do ahead from here. Also, he wants to know how his other friends are doing and take their counsel.



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