Madhu prepares a fitness regime

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

After having an interactive workshop for grade 7 kids, Madhu has returned back home and finished his dinner. Exhausted, he lays on the couch; luckily its not his turn to wash utensils today. He opens his laptop to go through the fitness requirement for the trek – he needs to prepare a regime for everyone to practice – so that they are fit for the trek till August. He wonders how he’s going to make Niket start working out – given his laziness and contempt for exercises. He ends up watching some funny videos instead and dozes off.

As he wakes up from a peaceful sleep the next morning, he completes his routine activities and sits down to go through the fitness requirements with a huge mug of tea; shifting to Bangalore had changed many things, but not his habit of morning tea. The participant should be able to jog 4.5 kilometres in 30 minutes. Well, that’s not going to be a problem for Swami and Abhinav, they already do it. Arpit, Niket and I will have to start exercising, concluded Madhu. Along with jogging, alternative training to strengthen the core was also required – through cycling, swimming and other activities. He made a schedule for himself and Arpit, for starting workouts from tomorrow.

He asked Niket share the expected outcome to his gym trainer and start going regularly there. Niket had got a gift card of annual gym membership with a trainer from his elder sister on his birthday and had kept it safely in a locked drawer in his cupboard, mocking her for wasting money. It was time to use it.

Arpit went through the list of items that one needs to carry for the trek, making a joint list for Swami, Niket and himself. Madhu was going to manage gears for himself and Abhinav separately. After going through what they all possess collectively and what is required to be bought, he checked if anything can be arranged till August through jugaad – borrow from friends who have already been on trek. The remaining things will have to be bought – they’ll do that in July, when Niket is going to come to Mumbai for a textile exhibition, they concluded.

Madhu checked items to be bought for himself and got Abhinav’s list too. He would be renting them through one of the many rental organisations in Bangalore.

Abhinav sets a schedule for jogging in the morning, beginning in March. It won’t be much difficult for him, he knows, he just is worried about acclimatisation at 14000 feet. Swami decides to start with walking in the mornings with Rosie on alternate days and gradually start jogging as time advances.

‘Fantastico!’, exclaimed Niket as he read all the messages on everyone’s fitness preparation. After all, how hard could it get? He had no idea what he had signed up for.


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