Yaariyan – A 24 day Marathon Fiction

Five close friends parted ways post graduation and proceeded towards their dreams. Four years have passed and they are surviving – managing responsibilities, but not living. A group trip gets them present to their dreams and to each other – Will they take the plunge?

Read on!!!

Presenting – Yaariyan – a 24 day marathon fiction.


Part One


  1. Arpit sends a message
  2. Niket meets a suitable girl
  3. Madhu prepares for his weekend workshop
  4. Message reaches Seattle
  5. Lets catch up
  6. A trek to Kashmir
  7. The gang breaks up
  8. Madhu calls Abhi
  9. Will Arpit agree?
  10. Finalising the dates

Part Two

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  1. Registering for Kashmir Great Lakes trek
  2. And they bid farewell
  3. Swami applies for leave
  4. Madhu prepares a fitness regime
  5. Niket’s peppiness doesn’t cut him any slack
  6. Shopping for trekking gear
  7. Arpit treks Mt Kalsubai
  8. Abhinav’s surprise visit to Jaipur
  9. Swami boards a flight to Srinagar
  10. On their way to Srinagar

Part Three


  1. Will Abhinav consider his feelings?
  2. Rendezvous at belt no. 3
  3. Meeting other Maniacs
  4. Kashmiri Wazwan & Kahwah
  5. Canteen Diaries
  6. Signing up their lives
  7. The trek begins!
  8. Tall Pine Trees & Lush Green Meadows
  9. Will Niket Continue the trek?
  10. Draw Four!

Part Four


  1. Another Addition to the Gang
  2. Shaabash, Shaabash! Aage badhte raho
  3. The one where everyone moves in together
  4. Ascent is nothing, but beginning of descent
  5. Star-struck at Vishansar
  6. The mystery of thousand eyes
  7. Catching reflection of morning rays touching the peak
  8. Hail stones disrupt plans
  9. Arpit recollects New Year’s Eve
  10. Their first day of fourth year engineering term

Part Five


  1. Abhinav’s Dilemma
  2. The One where Time Stood Still
  3. Mumbai, City of Dreams
  4. The Storyteller
  5. What’s the Matter?
  6. Arpit gets a date
  7. Wherever you go, carry your own sunshine
  8. The one where Niket walks fast
  9. Arpit talks to the mountain
  10. Latika becomes a part of the gang

Part Six


  1. Temple of Humanity
  2. The Log Across the River
  3. The one where they fight
  4. Punch-ed
  5. India, India!!
  6. Wild horses gallop down the valley
  7. I think I wanna marry you
  8. Our private pool by the mountains
  9. En Route Zach Pass
  10. Mesmerised by the beauty of the twin lakes

Part Seven


  1. Abhinav and Latika break up
  2. Baa baa, white sheep have you any wool?
  3. Arpit opens up to Ruhi
  4. Enchanted by magnanimity
  5. Arpit’s decision
  6. Homecoming
  7. Bathing in Gangabal
  8. Cake cutting at 11,200 feet!
  9. Swami joins the backbenchers
  10. Bonfire, Dancing and Folklore

Part Eight


  1. Adios Harmukh
  2. Say Cheese
  3. Descending towards Naranag
  4. Look, it’s a house!
  5. We did it!
  6. Planning for Soirée
  7. Sunset at Dal Lake
  8. Dinner, Drinks and Dance
  9. Arpit asks Ruhi out
  10. Date Night

Part Nine


  1. Ek baar khaaoge, baar baar aaoge
  2. Better late than never
  3. The Wait
  4. Are you kidding me?
  5. I Quit
  6. Meeting her to be daughter-in-law
  7. Abhinav talks to his boss
  8. Niket gets engaged
  9. Madhu opens up
  10. Happy Beginning!


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