Niket meets a suitable girl

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Thursday, 29th January, 2015

It is 8 PM. Niket Shah, fondly called Golu by his family and close friends is on his way to his dad’s best friend Rahul’s silver jubilee celebrations held in the outskirts of Rajkot. His peppy attitude and lively nature ensures he easily gels in any group of people and is able to have fun. He has just left the factory when he gets a call from his mom telling him to reach on time; this is the third time she has called him up in the last one hour – there is something broiling at the party, which definitely isn’t in my favour; Niket ponders as he changes the frequency of the radio to listen to english music.

Niket got into VJTI in the year 2007 with sheer hardwork. His dad wasn’t keen on him doing engineering – he wanted him to be a Chartered Accountant and join family business of textile manufacturing.  But Niket was determined to do Computer Engineering. This determination helped him put in a lot of effort towards getting into VJTI. He loves driving cars. In fact, he had come down to Mumbai from Rajkot in 2007 driving his I20 so that he could roam around Mumbai in his car. His parents never object to what he wants.

Post completion of his engineering course, Niket had to join his family’s joint business as there was requirement of trustworthy members on the board. Jyoti Textiles Pvt Ltd was Rajkot’s fourth largest textile exporter in terms of turnover and second largest in terms of profitability when he joined in 2011. Four years into the company, Niket had taken over supervision of production of textiles – he had identified various gaps in production process and built in various checks and measures to mitigate risks and reduce cost of production. This helped them quote better rates than their competitors. After three years in business, Niket was appointed as the Chief Operating Officer.

Niket loved making money – and hence loved his work in the factory. However, there was no entertainment in the city. Rajkot, unlike Mumbai didn’t have much avenues to lure Niket. He always imagined what his life would have been had he decided to take up masters and settle abroad.

He hands over the car for valet parking, rearranging his hair for the last time, he felt famished. As he walks into the party lawn, he sees his parents standing with a couple their age and a girl, most probably their daughter. Now he understands why was his mother following up with him since the evening!

After greeting the Rahul uncle and Ishita aunty, Niket hobbles toward his parents. He is in no mood of meeting a suitor and is amazed how his parents don’t leave any opportunity! He wonders what’s the hurry – he’s just 26!

After exchanging pleasantries, Niket gazes towards Siddhi. They exchange an uneasy hi and are left by their parents to enjoy the party. Siddhi is a fashion designer from National Institute of Fashion Design, Gandhinagar and is presently working in the House of Anita Dongre. Niket is impressed by her dressing sense. They proceed towards eating dinner when Niket’s phone buzzes. It is a message from Arpit.


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