Madhu prepares for his weekend workshop

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Thursday, 29th January, 2015

It is 10.30 PM. Madhu has completed having dinner and is doing the dishes as he discusses the impact of experiential learning at a young age to his roommate Somesh. He vigorously rubs the burnt stains on cooking utensils with soap bar, cursing the maid for always being in hurry. After cleaning the utensils and placing them at their appropriate places, he washes his hands and proceeds towards his favourite chair in the hall with his laptop.

He stays in a two BHK rented apartment in Whitefied, Bangalore with three other roomies. Two of them have gone out of town on a field trip for audit purpose. Work today had been frantic. He works as a product manager in SAP and is a part of cloud computing for customer division. He provides functional consulting for cloud services. His team had a one day workshop on Apple framework development followed by a discussion on whether to implement the project through agile or waterfall method.

Madhu checks his mailbox and starts going through his slides for weekend workshop. He teaches life skills to municipal school kids on weekends so that they get an access which he didn’t have the privilege of having while growing up in Indore. He is going to teach public speaking to grade five students this weekend. Through his weekend workshops, he has made an impact on 350 municipal school kids from grade 5 to grade 10. The very thought of being with kids brings a huge smile of content on his face – he is doing his best to impact lives of underprivileged kids. Last week his work got featured in The Hindu and he got some calls from private schools to take up these workshops. But how to scale this up was his achilles heel.

Madhu Upadhyay graduated from VJTI institute  in computer engineering in 2011. He got placed in Accenture, Pune where he got interested in cloud services and moved to SAP, Bangalore in 2013. Having humble beginnings himself, he decided to do something for children with less fortunate financial background – what could be better than teaching them skills required in practical life. After doing a lot of research, he figured out the best time to impart these skills is when they are young and made a course curriculum based on various activities over six months of working persistently after coming back from office.

He is a voracious reader and loves trekking. He loves contributing to people’s lives and many times goes out of the way to do so.

After going through the slides on public speaking, Madhu finally calls it a day and proceeds towards his bed, exhausted yet raring to go. He goes through whatsapp chat on his cell and a particular message draws his attention.


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