Lets Catch Up

This post is a part of 24-day Marathon fiction called Yaariyan.

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Niket reads the message from Arpit – ‘Kamino, kab mil rahe ho!’ and a huge grin encompasses his face! It has been four years since they met together. He swiftly replies back – ‘I’m in bro. Anytime you guys are fine with; Swami natak mat karna, jaldi ha bolde.’ Niket has lost a lot of weight and has become fit, he is no longer Golu. Over four years of running his business, he travelled a lot across India to source raw material and explored various cuisines to satiate his appetite of trying new things. He would stay with Arpit in Mumbai and Madhu in Bangalore when he was in those cities. It was fun catching up – also, it was weird how things had totally changed after they left VJTI. Last year he had come to Mumbai discreetly and travelled to Pune to meet Latika.

Madhu is excited by the thought of the reunion. But would the reunion be complete without Abhinav, he wonders. Abhinav had exited their lives the way mercury evaporates after being subjected to high temperatures! Everyone remembered Abhinav, but he was not talked about. Madhu was in for the trip – it was something they should have done soon enough, but better late than never!

Govind liked the idea of a reunion. He thought for some time and invited everyone to Seattle, for he didn’t want to spend money on a trip. The moment he typed that message, everyone went hysterical on the group. It was expected of him – two years of having the highest paying job amongst all of them still hadn’t taught him how to learn to spend money on important things. He got engulfed in the flood of swear words. He also raised the concern that he would get kicked from his job if he asked for leaves in this kind of economy. Arpit straightened him out asking him to be a man – you can rightfully exercise your paid leaves and the organisation wont object to it; but you need to be willing to apply for leave in the first place! Govind asks for some time to ponder and gets back to work.

Niket has forgotten about Siddhi standing by his side as he got busy chatting on the group. Intrigued, Siddhi asks him what it is all about. He jovially exclaims he is planning to have a reunion with his best friends and needs to search for places to travel to. Siddhi suggests various places where they can go for a vacation – like Spain, backpacking to Europe, Australia, Bangkok. She likes his peppy nature and asks him if he likes her. Niket replies a yes, he would love to meet her a couple of times more, though in a less formal arrangement, where they can be themselves.  They exchange numbers and decide to meet for coffee on Sunday.


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This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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