Voice of Silence

Part One


Rahul laid there on the bed, about to go to sleep. The day’s work had drained his body; but he was still awake – thinking. Going down the memory lane, he recollected the roller coaster ride six months had been. His life actually began the moment he decided to take matters in his own hand – working for someone basking on his educational degrees didn’t appeal to him anymore and he put his papers, rolled up his sleeves and decided to start his own startup against the advise of his friends and family. The journey had been fascinating. He went to places he never had visited before, met people who had a different mind-set. He worked hard to analyse various sectors he could possibly start a business in. Education sector interested him the most – he found a gap between what colleges teach and what is required by students to excel in practical world. Now that he had identified a problem, he studied various research papers and books to understand it further. Six months into this journey and he had already burnt all the cash in his bank account. The savings from his job were over. The solution was still under development – partly done. This startup had cost him a lot – including his relationship. But that didn’t bother him as he believed things meant to be will be. He had 350 bucks in his wallet and wondered how things will turn out. In the silence of the night, he believed he’ll make it.

Part Two

Boy jumping

Shyam was walking barefoot on the foothills of the Himalayas braving the cold winds which swooped through the pine forests – often hurting his chest through the holed cotton t-shirt. It was Thursday and he was on his way to Kashi Temple. Thursday was the happiest day of the week – for prasad was distributed in the temple after the Maha-aarti. The very thought of food absolved the 8 year old of the fact that he hadn’t eaten since last three days. He belonged to a small tribe which stayed in the foothills of the mountains. After the demise of his parents two years ago, the hut was occupied by his uncle, aunt and their kids. Constant mistreating and abuse by his relatives made him flee his own hut and the village. Shyam found an abandoned cave several miles away from the village and made it his home. The temple was only half an hour away now and he was pacing down the mountain with gusto, not caring about the pebbles breaching the foot skin. At last, he could spot the small rivulet – the only thing between him and the temple. He took a moment and prayed to Bholenath to give him strength to wade through the chilled water and reach the other side. He crossed the rivulet, walking firmly on the small rocks in the water. The cold water numbed his legs but he continued chanting the name of Bholenath. At last, he had reached the temple after a two hour descent! He reached the temple and bowed down in faith. He praised Bholenath to give him strength and thanked him for his life and prayed that he would go to school some day soon. With this he proceeded towards the langar and took the small box of prasad. As he proceeded outside the temple he saw an old beggar asking for food. This got Shyam thinking. The moment of silence helped him make a decision. He couldn’t see him hungry and instantly sat beside him to share the box of food.

Silence is as a matter of fact, a great equaliser. It provides everyone the same space to think and be! What you think in that space is your reality – for its your voice of silence which directs your actions in each and every moment, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years and life… If you think you’re going to make it like Rahul, you are; if you think you’re rich like Shyam, you are and it will reflect on each action you take!

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