A Year without Sweets

I have a big sweet tooth! I’ve always believed in having kuch meetha any and every time possible – Sometimes, sweets form a part of my appetisers and main course too along with desserts. Belonging to India and staying in Mumbai has exposed me to various varieties of sweets over years and travelling got me present to many more – and I’ve adored them all! Be it gulab jamuns, gajar ka halwa, boondi ke laddu, biraj/savaiyaan, kheer, rossogullas, barfis, chamchams, mama cakes, rasmalai, malai pedhas, jalebi and rabdi, kulfi, kaju katlis, shrikhand, modaks, jelly, blueberry cheese cakes, caramel tarts, red velvet cup cakes, basically you get my point, right! 😉

As I grew up and joined the corporate world – I came across an awesome phenomena called group indulgence!!! We had a group kitty and would get cakes and sweets with namkeen on various occasions – be it birthdays, anniversaries, team milestones, festivals or Fridays. My huge team size and weekend cheer ensured we had some or the other occasion at least once a week to dig into refined sugar ordered from different corners of Mumbai having unique specialities!! Over two years, I can safely conclude I’ve tasted sweets from all notable places in Mumbai. After such awesome weekdays, came the weekends – when I went out for lunch or dinner with friends and family or caught up with friends over desserts! Then came the blogging events, a new entry in my yearbook – Close to 6 huge events, followed by post event plans and dine outs! Then came the weddings – 2015 has been the year of weddings – I’ve attended close to 16 big fat Indian weddings ( an average of two functions per wedding) where I lost control over the sweetness of the occasion and my appetite for sweetness! Competing with friends over who’ll gut down the maximum ice creams after having a full fledged meal was awesome fun! Then came the festivals – days spent with family and idling at home while binging on fried items and sweets again. (barring Navratri when I was able to burn all calories I binged on ;-))

Now, if I were to count the number of times I ended up eating out, it was close to 100 out of 365 days – about 200 times! Out of that, lets assume I had sweets or desserts for about 150 times! Now, taking this number into account, while ignoring home made sweets, ice cream movie marathons, chocolates eaten while travelling – it is way too huge to be sustainable!! And 2015 has been least of my worries – for I was active and did a lot of treks, dance practice, cycling which helped me kept a check on my weight. But was I fit? I realised this sugar sitting and fattening my skin has reduced my stamina and flexibility – so much so that I cannot even touch my toes when I bend down in the first go! It take some huge efforts and some cheating (bending knees a bit) to do the same :P. If I continue with this trend, the circumstances are going to be the same and I’ll always end up binging on – the team will keep growing at work, people will keep getting married, Indian festivals are going to be the same – maybe the ones I’m celebrating will increase as I make new friends. Now, consider the fact that with growing responsibilities, I won’t be trekking, cycling or working out that often. Then that’s going to be a steep slope for the wheel of my health to climb on!!

Also, sugar intake has some really bad effects on body other than being prone to diabetes and weight gain – it leads to cavities and gum diseases, causes a dopamine release in mind, leading to craving for sugar, makes your mind numb – you feel less active and more sleepy, raises cholesterol leading to heart diseases, leads to ageing of body, increases the stress in the body and takes the place of important nutrients

This morning I sat down and evaluated what I want the most in life – Its the ability to do whatever I choose to do at any age of my life! I don’t care about my weight, I need to be fit and have stamina to do head stands, to learn contemporary, to just go on a running spree when I feel like, to be able to climb mountains and enjoy the journey rather than be busy catching my breath! And for anything that we need in life, there is a payoff – I’ve decided to make 2016 a year without sweets!! Its a challenging experiment for a guy like me who always associates celebration to binge eating sweets; but I’m going to give it a shot and see what happens! This is me taking action and controlling what’s in my hand rather than hoping for world to change for better! I request all of you friends and family members to help me achieve this goal – keep me accountable and help me reach my goal – without your support its going to be difficult. I’ll keep you posted as the months pass by!!

Also, I urge you to take a moment and take up something for this year which you feel is an arduous task for you but if done, it will help you be better!! Happy 2016!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “A Year without Sweets”

  1. Raj join our viharseva group in which you can burn your calories and also have the privilege to talk to sadhu mahatma personally and ask them your queries.


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