Happy New Year

“I saw a Flickr of light from my window & everything is very dark around it, I felt as if I am seeing a star… but I really don’t know how it feels like to see a starry sky so I just lived in that moment. It was beautiful, I saw something that I can feel & understand…it was a quiet night & all that wonder is lost in blink of an eye Because I moved my head slightly to get a better view.

For a moment I am thankful, I can see light & the first thing I do every day morning is to see if I can see the sun light. Then I thank the universe. It is very frustrating just to see patch of light & not see much beyond it.

I don’t remember ever seeing a star….this will be one of those things I would like to experience if ever I can see again in life.”

This story is written by Raghava. He is losing his eyesight as years progress, presently he is able to see 5% and is grateful to God for the same. His vision impairment hasn’t stopped him from living a life he is proud of and cherishes. It has enhanced his ability to look at things from a different angle, and face challenges with much more zeal and zest! He blogs at raghava.in, has run 21 km marathon in Hyderabad with the support of co-runner and sound boxes. He loves to travel and meet new people and is extremely positive about life! He is busy ticking things off his 101 bucket list!!

One thing which inspired me the most when I met Raghava is his awareness of being ALIVE! He says, ‘The biggest thing happening in your life right now is being ALIVE! Nothing comes close to it!’

This Diwali, acknowledge being ALIVE and infinite possibilities which come into being with it!!




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