An Instant 2 Minute Poem – You!

This poem is written in response to the 81st IndiSpire prompt: Write a 2minute poem! Yeah Heard right! An INSTANT 2-minute poem,a simple,sweet,nicely rhyming poem,playing with words,not hard but easy,funny and cool,a relief to your mind,not to grind,but to find,a solace and some peace #My2MinutePoem


Here comes a poem which is a rap

Listening to it will make your legs tap

So lets hear it for your power within

And let this saga begin!


You are fire, you are the sun

Let all doubts within you burn!!

You are beautiful, you are sexy,

You are amazing, you are flexi!!


You are the cause, you are the result

You are the catalyst, go ahead and exult!

You are bigger than your circumstance

So stop thinking, go for it and advance!!


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