Where Road Romances the Sky!


Abound with joy, I take the open road

Stretched across acres of greenery

No distance seems far, the sky so near

I put out my hand and taste the milky clouds…

Tea estates in Ooty
Tea estates in Ooty

We are on our way to Coorg from Ooty – around 250 kilometres (five hours). The visual treat of shades of green is amazing. When you leave Ooty, you cross large tea estates and 100 – 150 feet nilgiri trees.

Niligiri trees

Halfway through the route, you cross Tamil Nadu and enter Karnataka through Bandipur National Reserve.

Peahen at Bandipur Reserve
Peahen at Bandipur Reserve
Crossing Bandipur National Reserve
Crossing Bandipur National Reserve – Notice the colour of the sky, even though its noon!

After completing the ghat, once hill roads are over, roads are adorned with various fields on both sides!

Stopping by some banana plantations
Stopping by local plantation

Karnataka roads are well built. Also, the sky never stops surprising . It always delivers. Each mode has a different view, a different sky altogether.


It reiterates there are a thousand views for everything that happens and everything you do. Stop adding meanings.


As I pass by acres of greenery, time has stopped and now it’s just me, the road and the sky. Coconut trees and banana plantations go by. How can there be so much abundance of nature in one place I wonder… The calmness and stillness of the moment makes me want it to linger more.

However, things must end to make way for new. Quoting Robert Frost,

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep…



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