Digitizing India, Digitizing Governance II

This is the second part of the two series article on Digitizing India, Digitizing Governance. To read the first part click here.

Government can bring in ease of use and accountability through technology by making an E-Sahaaytaa portal for consumers and business.

Digitizing Governance through E-Sahaaytaa

E-Sahaaytaa for Citizens

E-Sahaaytaa portal can act as a one stop solution for any interaction to be done with the government.  Government can change the way it operates, treat citizens as customers and work towards customer satisfaction. It should have the following facilities –

  1. Application for/ changes to be made in
    • Voter’s ID card,
    • driving licence,
    • PAN card
    • TIN No
    • Directors’ Identification Number
    • Passport Application – scheduling date and time of appointment online
    • Birth Certificate / Death Certificate
    • Refund of Income Tax
    • Vehicle registration
    • Redevelopment of building / Creation of a society
    • Filing disclosures with Registrar of Companies
    • Marriage Certificate
    • Drinks Permit
    • Firearm permit
    • Permits for BMC licences for small shopkeepers etc
  2. Filing petition under Right to Information Act,
  3. Link to Employee Provident Fund portal to check balance in that account
  4. Details of attendance of government employees
  5. Filing a complaint against government employees
  6. Status of projects carried on in citizen’s ward, email ID of person responsible for the project completion
  7. Linking Medical History of Citizens to UID for better administration in case of emergencies
  8. Lodging of an FIR – Police can later call/ meet the citizen and validate the FIR
  9. Payment of Stamp duty on property
  10. A link to make direct payments online etc

How will it work – Setting up a Structure

The portal will act as a frontal for all government related services. Government will have to map various services it offers to respective departments and process for approving or working on requests.Once a citizen logs in a request / complaint, and pays the necessary amount, if required; a ticket/ reference number will be raised and the ticket will move to the workflow of the mapped department – any of the authorised checkers can pick up the ticket from the workflow and work on it. The best thing about this online portal is escalation and grievance redressal via online monitoring of turn around time

For example, if a citizen logs in a request for application of PAN card, it will reach the workflow of PAN division. From there, it will be picked up by an authorised government employee and worked on. The employee can either approve or reject the request giving reasons online. Once he takes an action, it will go in the workflow of the checker (higher authority) who will check details and give approval. The moment it is approved/rejected, citizen will be notified via email and reference number will be closed. If it is rejected for lack of particular documents, citizen can attach those and re-open the ticket. It will follow the same flow again. To ensure timely addressal of requests, each stage will be allotted a particular time. For example, the maker has to check the documents within 4 days of receiving the request. On the fifth day, it will automatically be escalated to his supervisor.


  1. Online record of Turn Around Time – Transparency
  2. Automatic Escalation in case where action isn’t taken by the allotted employee
  3. Convenience to the citizens – Ease of Use
  4. Audit trail to monitor efficiency of government employees – Accountability

E-Sahaaytaa for Business

Government can also create a portal for businesses to facilitate ease of doing business in India. While there are a lot of things it can do in this area, it can first start with Land registration information and e-auctions

  1. Land Registration Details – Government can make available details of ownership of plot of land on a payment basis in order to facilitate acquirement of land – the basic pre requisite to start manufacturing
  2. Auctions – Government can start auctions online. In this way, bids cannot be fudged later on due to lack of manual intervention and the integrity of the auction can be validated


Government has to undertake a lot of initiatives to ensure convenience and proper service to its citizens while maintaining accountability. The same goes for facilitating ease of doing business. E-Sahaaytaa portal can be a major step towards achieving this goal.

Note – This article has been written for http://www.intel.in/  #DigitalIndia.


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