Happiness is Playing with Colours

As a child I always loved drawing class. It was an hour of imagination, discovery and sheer happiness! Drawing lines with pencils, learning how to shade, learning how to draw perfect straight lines without rulers, perfecting shape of faces, giving touches to facial expressions was fun. The sound of pencil moving through paper still awes me. Finally when the drawing was ready, there came the best part – Painting!!

Colours and I have a very intimate relationship. I believe they are one of the best invention of mankind. We can use various colours to express our state of mind! Red, blue and yellow are the primary colours which when added to each other in different proportions create more than 100 billion possibilities!!! Each colour signifies a different tone of life – some are cool colours, some are warm colours.

In pre-school we used to play with crayons – Camlin pastel shades were in vogue. Our life was very sorted, just colouring the mango with yellow colour within the border made our parents proud and us filled with happiness.

Then came primary school where we used pencil colours, cake colours and tube colours. Painting moving water in a river sent a chill down my spine; for I used to get so involved in the process that I could hear the sweet voice of strong water forces cutting their way through the rocks. I participated in a Kite painting competition in Mumbai and won the first place – Getting published in the local newspaper took my love for colours to a different level!

Then came secondary school and we got to lay our hands on water colours. Using water colours was an amazing feeling. The feeling of dipping my fingers in water colours and giving a drawing a new life was awesome. Colours on fingertips represented so many different possibilities.

Drawing is one of the only hobbies I carried after graduating from high school. I still draw and colour whenever I get time. Birthday cards to close friends and family members still are hand coloured and customised! I then channelised my love for colours into learning photography! It is the second best thing that could have happened to me. Understanding colours and light is a gift which you  need to passionately nurture and grow over time. Do this for anything you like and your happiness will know no bounds!!

My favourite colour is Blue!

‘Blue is the sky, blue is the sea,

blue is the colour of happiness, blue is the colour I wanna be!!’

With a colour box and entire day to myself, I’ll be the happiest man in the world!!

Ever wondered what makes you feel happy?

Coca Cola celebrates International Day of Happiness – http://CokeURL.com/96jnc


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