Coz We’re In It Together

We were two friends made for each other. Rushabh and I were together in school; we shared common interests, be it drawing or sleeping :P. Rushabh was a talented poem writer and singer, while I loved dancing.

We knew each other in school but hadn’t established a great rapport. I used to mind my own business, while Rushabh was happy-go-lucky in nature; mixing with everyone!

We joined the same drawing class and ended up becoming very close friends after two years. It was super fun.. We would paint the furniture, mugs, drawers – basically everything that came in our way. Our teacher encouraged us to experiment! On our way back, we would keep talking until the sun set and it was time to head back home. I used to cycle slowly while Rushabh walked along. Thinking about the walk back home still brings in mind those fond memories of togetherness – it was the road that bound us together; thanking it even a million times wouldn’t suffice!

The road changed with different seasons. While the tall trees on its sides gave shade during summer, they would let water droplets fall through during rainy season! During winter, trees would shed the old leaves and come spring, new gulmohar flowers would blossom. Be it any season, hot, rainy or cold, Rushabh and I enjoyed them all – seasons changed, and friendship thickened. Finally came board exams, the time to get serious and score good to get in colleges of our choice!

Once SSC Board exams got over, our career paths took us separate ways. We both chose commerce, but different colleges. We got new friends, our hangout places changed. We didnt have whatsapp at that time, so we stayed in touch through SMS and annual bday calls. Sometimes we would bump into each other and catch up. It always used to feel like school days.

After five years of college and CA exams, I called up Rushabh. It was almost a year since we last spoke. We decided to stay in touch henceforth and were thinking of ideas in order to do so. Enter morning walk and it became the best part of the entire day!

We decided to meet up every morning for a walk, going through the same roads … For the first day it felt like a walk down the memory lane.. Nothing had changed; or rather everything had – we had grown older, our context was different. The only thing same was the road and our affection for each other. The very fact of being together with Rushabh after almost five years brings me immense happiness.

I look forward to wake up each day and go for a morning walk! Exercise has never excited me this much in life. 😛 As for the day, it goes awesome as it starts with a walk with my best friend. Our common thoughts and dreams drive us through the day and work towards our passion! Its like our second inning of friendship together..!!

Idea for this post –‘s ad of Together!


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