Thinking Pencils


Ganesha wanted to start writing in his book new,

So he created pencils few.

Of different colours they were – but of same potential,

Happy with his creation, he went to nap, for resting was essential.


An impromptu conversation started among the pencils,

Discussing their dreams and required skills.

Known to all individually, yet unknown collectively,

They started judging and discounting each other’s aspirations…


“I want to write the first alphabet of a child”, said one.

Another said, “I want to sketch the world, that would be fun!”

“I want to write my own autobiography, like people have done”

“I want to write something historic, to be forgotten by none!…”


Each one had given meaning to their existence,

Unknown to destiny, they thought they’ll get what they want through persistence,

But life isn’t fair and can’t be missed,

Coz its beautiful and filled with bliss…


Ganesha awoke and chatter came to an end,

He had heard their conversations and decided it was time for rules to be bent,

He decided to reveal the purpose of their existence,

Smiling, he thought about the positive consequence…


“Your life will be miserable if you don’t get what you decided,

You’ll not enjoy what you’re doing, nor be at peace with what others are getting to do…

Jealousy will grip you as you grow shorter…

You’ll loose your sharpness out of fatigue and get hotter (temperament)”


“Realise you limit yourself when you decide what you want to do,

Leave that thought and you will create endless possibilities new.

Life then would be a choice of various opportunities…

Stay sharp and do your work with integrity…”


“For your life is what it has to be as per the bigger picture…”




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