The Green Car

I ordered a car new,

Model was different, owned by few.

Its finish was bold,

Looking at it, you’ll get clean bowled!


Colour I chose was yellow,

Yellow is Coldplay, Yellow is Me!

Yellow is Sunshine, Yellow isn’t green…

I never chose Yellow because it was Yellow


Days went by as I imagined driving my pride,

To all friends I look good to, I thought of giving a ride.

Life was waiting, happiness was in future;

In its anticipation, present went by…


Finally the day came when I went to pick up the car,

It was in the showroom, tucked inside far

Covered in cloth, like a bad boy waiting to be unleashed.

Down came the ribbon and the cloth fell down with ease.


To my shock I stared and stared,

For the colour was green, not yellow

I didn’t order this, I said repeatedly in my mind

Empowered with thoughts, I went to argue with the vendor!


While I shouted and was furious; he maintained his calm,

I handed over the keys in my palm.

He had the audacity to say the model & colour was as per my specification,

Annoyed and hysterical, I checked my application.


‘It says yellow, see’ I shouted aloud checking the application,

He patiently took me to the car,

And asked a couple of salesmen to identify its colour

‘Yellow’ they said unanimously, without any quiver.


They all were trying to prove me wrong,

One thing I hated strong.

Beaten but not lost, I continued to argue,

For the payment was yet due


I checked again; the car was still green,

That put me in retrospection

I was still wearing those blue shades, I remembered

I removed them, and voila, the car was yellow!!! 🙂


The car represents people in our life

Green is how we see them

Yellow is how they actually are

So when are you dropping your glasses?


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