The Other Candy

Life is like a candy in hand,
You get to choose which one you want
Its hard to decide given the array of options
You look at your friends choosing their candies

You want to choose something unique
Definitely better than your friends
And go for the one that looks the most attractive
Though the reference of attractive comes from your past

This is the way it always happens
You choose from things you know you know or you know you don’t know
Ignoring candies you don’t know that you don’t know anything about
So not all candies stand an equal chance to be chosen

You choose one on what options match your reference of attractive
Hoping it will taste awesome
As you walk out of the shop, friends praise you for your choice
And you look around to see what they chose

Creating a problem where none actually exists
You’ve decided this candy might not be the one
Not all attractive things taste good, you say to yourself
Forgetting totally to actually taste the candy and verify it!!

Your friend comes out of the shop with the prettiest candy you’ve ever seen
You feel jealous and curse your luck for choosing your candy
And decide to henceforth select the candy your friend chose
Forgetting to enjoy the candy in your hand!!

As you finally open the wrapper to taste the candy,
Preconceived thoughts about its taste mess your mind
Now the actual taste doesn’t matter for you already have decided how bad it tastes
You end up blaming the candy for what its actually not!

Enter the irony of life – Your friend is sad as he feels your candy tastes better
But can’t say the same, the same way you won’t compliment him for his choice
Both suffer for wanting something not in their control
Completely forgetting they chose what they hold in hand!

Why do you do this you think to yourself
Doesn’t being miserable make you suffer?
But it has a payoff too, you justify – others empathise for you
But wont being happy give a better payoff?

Remember you chose the candy you are holding in hand
You chose it because you chose it, that’s it!
No other stories around it
Now, relish what you chose without any notions…


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