5 Reasons why You should trek the Kalsubai Summit


1. Feel Breathless


When was the last time your legs felt numb? Cant remember? Standing tall at 1646 metres (5400 feet), Kalsubai is the highest peak in the Sahyadri range and an abode to the temple of lady Kalsubai, a local deity. It is a challenging trek which promises an adrenalin rush! Its a slightly long but easy trek, thanks to the ladders placed in tricky areas. Choose amidst many paths or find your way where none exists, climb the stairs, run through the greenery, get breathless, but satisfied!

2. Feel the Calm. Listen to silence amidst echoes of the winds


Winter is a great time to explore Kalsubai peak. The climate is pleasant and cool, thanks to short drizzles, and constant clouds which cover the sun. The atmosphere is foggy but one can expect fog to clear every now and then, unlike in the monsoons; thus giving glimpses of the peak. Cross the rice fields as you make your way towards the ascent. Wind thunders as it travels across miles and fills ears with a cold bash! But amongst the constant sound of winds gushing by, you feel calm inside and peace with yourself. Listen to the silence around and live in the moment – Belong completely to where you are – No past or future thoughts!

3. Find the child in you


Race with friends. Mess around. Jump with excitement. Fall down. Set aside those bruises. Play antakshari on the way. Do a small jig when your favourite song comes up. Do a tarzan stunt – Hang from trees and shout -AHH – AHH – UGHM – MMMMM – AAAAAAAHH OOOO AHHH AAAAHHH AAAAHHH AAAAHHhh ahhhh… ah…. ah… oh… ahhh… whew 😛

4. Stare in Disbelief




As you climb the final ladder and stall for grasping your breath, get awestruck by the view that awaits you. Feel the happiness of making it to the top as you stare in disbelief at the sight of greenery, clouds and mountains for infinite miles till the horizon! Jump in sheer joy as the ring clouds move slowly- Its nature’s best show on the biggest screen, that too in HD quality and you’ve got the best seats – Balcony!! 🙂

5. Reflect


Once you have finished resting after reaching the top and got over your disbelief, pay your obeisance to the local deity in the temple. Reflect. Think. Observe. What do you feel? Feel like you have a long way to go… or nowhere to go but stay here itself?  Read a book. Write. Rest. Prepare to descend, racing down the mountain after finding your ground at its peak!

PS – We climbed the summit in November, 2014

Difficulty level – Moderate


Getting there – To reach the summit there are various trekking routes and animal tracks. The main route starts from the village of Bari which is about six km from Bhandardara. We left Mumbai by 4.30 am in car and reached Bari by 7.30 am. You can start trekking from the base village Bari.

Route – Mumbai – Thane – Kalyan – Asangaon – Khardi – Igatpuri – Ghoti – Bari – Kalsubai (You can view the map here)

Time – It takes around 3 hours to climb and two hours to descend, so plan your trip accordingly. Start by 7.30 am

Food Arrangements – Carry enough food and water as nothing is available at Bari village other than during monsoons. During winter, its time for harvesting rice and villagers dont prepare lunch for trekkers at their homes.


Things to carry:

  1. Shoes with good grip
  2. Sufficient water and snacks
  3. Windcheaters
  4. Pair of spare clothes for contingency
  5. A book to read
  6. Camera, if you wish
  7. Loads of enthusiasm!!!

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