The Monsoon Song


Floodgates of heaven open up
Pristine drops punch my face
As I ride pillion on a bike
Navigating through bylanes to reach home…

There’s chaos everywhere…
Cars broken bad on the side
Drenched souls trying to cover themselves from the downpour
As if the drops were wrath of Gods…

Some stand and wave every rick passing by
Some curse and start walking on flooded roads
One step at a time trying to find the Road between crates
Some free souls drench to their hearts content.

Kids from slum are at their best,
Playing gilli danda amidst all the unrest
Little are they bothered about cars rushing by
For their’s are the roads, dare anyone stop thy?

The bike roars the monsoon song,
It’s fun to drive in bylanes with your friend along
The enigma and the smell of hot vada pavs
Listening to whistling sound of cars passing by…

Monsoons in Mumbai are magical
Yeah it sounds cliché but it’s true
Its the time you feel close to nature,
Its what makes you fall in love…

The bike reaches the freeway
Beneath us is another highway
Ahead lay the concrete road without traffic
It’s like playing a video game with great graphics …

Downpour increases it’s pace
Hitting our faces with more might
But it’s better like this for its more fun
All we need right now is some hot buns

The fierce wind rises up to say hi
I open my arms to accept it
Thoughts of freedom come along…
As I get engulfed in the monsoon song…


2 thoughts on “The Monsoon Song”

  1. Some free souls drench to their heart’s content…loved that line. I think it’s my favorite of the poem because it seems to just sing with abandon.


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