Facing My Demons

There’s darkness in and around
Spread for miles without any sound…

It has made my mind work on basis of fears,
As days pass, I survive; but not Live.

Glorious days of sunshine have gone,
When all shined in common rays; near and beyond.

Now is the time to test my mettle,
For all seem same in common rays; until darkness strikes….

Now is the time to find my own light within,
And give it oil to burn as bright as the sun.

A bolt of fear passes through as I realise This is it!
Dunno why I’m not beginning; stuck; waiting till I get ready…

But ready I’ll never be for being the light I wanna be,
It’s all about feeling ready and being free.

Need to get working rather than being awed by potential light,
And free myself from inhibitions which have covered the light till now…

Now that I know that darkness is a phase, with control in my hands,
I uncover the path to brightness within, ready to face my demons…


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