The Cleanest Bowl Ever!

Summer is one of the best seasons in India. Its the time when kids have annual vacation of two months to save them scorching heat of the sun. As a school kid, summer meant holidays, fun, playing in hot sun with friends, climbing  the building’s mango tree and plucking raw mangoes, dividing them equanimously (different from equally :P). But as a kid who was in kindergarten, summer to me meant only one thing – the fun of having mango pulp…
I still remember competing with my cousins as to who will finish the bowl of mango pulp and whose bowl would be the cleanest. We would sit on windows with napkin on our clothes to avoid them from getting spoilt and savour the orange delicacy without any manners dirtying ourselves and the window pane by the time we finished it. As it always turned out, I used to eat the most being eldest, while my brother’s bowl was always the cleanest. We would lick the bowl with fingers for any pulp left out  clockwise and anti clockwise…
Even today, on weekends I sit on my window pane with a bigger bowl of mango pulp and savour it (though with a spoon now :P). It still smells and tastes the same since 20 years… It gives me a very sweetened and dreamy sleep to a land of mangoes where my 20 years younger cousins and I are playing. Every spoon, every drop brings back the vivid memories of childhood….!!!

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