She became his closest friend as time passed. Gradually it turned into love.. They spent hours together alone on the top of the hill, looking at each other, talking, playing, holding hands. Often the shepherd would pass through with his flock of grazing sheep smiling at the him as if he was alone. One day she left him forever, he tried searching her at every place they had spent time together, the memories burned him from within. The grief of living life without her took the better of him and he decided to end his life. Up he ran to the same mountain they had met for the first time, his face was in control but his eyes gave him away. The shepherd caught him in time and saved his life; took him to a physiatrist. The physiatrist listened to his plight. It was a case of schizophrenia. It was very hard to break to him that the girl whom he loved so much never actually existed, it was just his projection. Life became more tough for him henceforth.




One thought on “Schizophrenia”

  1. I know a young man with schizophrenia. In a city he’d be swallowed up and spit out to live homeless and hopeless. But the town near me has 158 people. We all know this guy. When he stands in the middle of the street screaming profanities, we know it’s at his tormentors, not us. We know when to leave him alone and when to step outside and say, hey, are you doing okay? Keeping warm? Eating? Our county police officers also understand him because in such a small community they have taken time to learn how best to work with him to avoid escalation. Some day he’ll allow help, I hope. Just like you have written here, those voices are as real to the person as you or I are. Sometimes, in fanciful moods, I even wonder who is more real.

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