New Girl


They knew each other through a common mate
Meeting each other hadn’t earlier been in fate
He wasn’t far out of her league
He just knew her as his mate’s weird colleague

They finally met during Navratri for the first time and exchanged numbers
Then chatting started on Whatsapp during articleship slumbers
She always had something to say
She was a good story teller…

He was amused by the new things he heard
Be it about her dog or her bird
Chatting with each other was fun
Breaking of ice thus was done!

She came in his life as happy as one can be ever
The first time they talked so long both would forget never
He found a new friend who pestered him to study
She thought he was not taking it seriously bloody…

He liked sharing photography pictures
She liked them, without any strictures
He used to get lost every time he saw those images
They had imprisoned him in their mirages

Today is her bday and he’s trying to pen something down
May she get a lucky guy from uptown!
Who will get her a crown
And take her to Cape Town! 😉

He sees in her energy and ambition to paint the world red
The way she managed all during annual day rehearsals made him dread
She was the thread
That bonded all ahead

As he writes this monologue
He wishes she enjoys the catalogue of her achievements
Never suffers bereavement
That’s what is their agreement

He wishes her happy birthday
Which comes on Monday
May her year be filled with passion
And she as always be filled with compassion


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