I wonder in this beautiful world where we all stay so connected, do we actually have a single opinion of our own. We live in a democratic country where every individual has the freedom to think but do we?
Great achievements were made when people lived and breathed their dreams, when they didn’t realise their appetite, the time of the day, to them love meant what they did, their work… They gave a damn to the world and didn’t have to rely on other sources to stay happy. We stay in a world where we quantify our happiness with the number of likes on our fb status, with the number of friends on chat list… Its quite odd, the concept of communication has changed and now we indulge in it just for the sake of it. We never spend time alone to think… Think what? Think on what are we doing and where will it lead in future and do we actually want it… I recollect the concept of Jain monks leaving the world behind to lead a simple life in search of the universal truth, how by being with one self one can achieve Kevalgyaan: the ultimate truth which governs life… Our aims today are not that high, a common man dreams of getting a good job, a house, a car, that s pathetic, is it the only thing that you want from life?
You ve got to be highly underperforming then. Our first aim should be to realise our potential, develop learning traits, capitalise our expertise… Then life will be so beautiful… The only thing we need to do is give ourselves time, cut from unnecessary social bonds and free our imaginative mind… Cutting bonds with the outer world will only help us revisit the one which connects our inner potential!




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